Champs Again!

By on June 24, 2016


Lebron James

Lebron James (photo courtesy of Shawn Dishauzi)


The Cleveland fan base finally has a reason to smile. After a long 52 years the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off the impossible! Down 3-1 to the GS Warriors, the Cavs came back in historic fashion to bring the city a World Championship!
It is
3 days later and I’m still in a little bit of shock. Since I was a little boy, I have gotten used to being disappointed and let down! Whether it’s the Browns, Indians or the Cavs, they all find a way to lose games that they already have won but screw up in the end! And that’s why we (Northeast Ohio) are usually the butt of everyone’s jokes! It takes thick skin and a lot of beer to be a Cleveland fan! We are the most loyal “Dawg” known to man! No matter how much abuse we take, we lick our wounds, travel back and forth to the Stadium, Coliseum or Jacob’s Field to cheer on our underdawgs!


Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (photo courtesy of Shawn Dishauzi)

When Kyrie drained the 3 pointer and LeBron hit one out of the two free throws, I stood up and started to believe that we finally did it! Because of all the prior wounds, I’m always hesitant to call a game before the last second ticks off the clock! I screamed loud enough to wake the dead and tears of joy began to pour from my weathered face! Finally Cleveland EARNED what it for so long deserved, a Championship! The next morning I had to check the local news just to confirm that it was not a dream! Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers coaches and team, but most of all, the entire Cleveland fan base! It takes a special person to out loud claim these teams as ours but this team is special because they didn’t fail!


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