Dirk You LeBron, Mavericks are NBA Champs

By on June 13, 2011

NBA Finals MVP, Dirk Nowitzki stayed clutch in the 4th quarter. (photo by Matthew Emmons/US presswire)

Miami, Fl.  (RSEN)  Eleven months ago RSEN made a bold prediction about the Miami Heat with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  In an article written by Matt Rhodes on July 12, 2011 the caption in the photo says it all.    Of Pain and Pleasure

Here at RSEN we were thoroughly disgusted with the “dog and pony show” with the smoke and risers.  All year on the radio show we said over and over again if the Miami Heat does not win the NBA Championship their season would be, ah yea… a failure.

Does everyone believe now?  I mean last week Colin Cowherd,  I heard him say that Miami would be favored in both games (6 & 7).  I turned the station.  Both games?  Jim Rome said that Lebron and the Heat would get two shots at it.  Huh?   I had to get on-line and make sure it WAS DALLAS that was up 3 games to 2. No Romie, that would be Dallas that had two shots.  Everyone expected this to go seven games?  Why?

The Heat, all that money for three players that choked, choked, choked when their teammates and city needed them most.  I am convinced the Miami Heat would be NBA Champions if the Final Series games were only three quarters each.  They choked in the 4th quarter all series so why couldn’t the Mavs win in 6?  (James and Wade 62 4th quarter points, Nowitzki 62 4th quarter points). The Heat were 9 and 0 at home in the playoffs this year until Dallas flew in.  Dallas won the last two games of the season played in Miami… Hey unfair, the Mavs play at American Airlines Arena too. 

Lebron James made NBA History… the largest point differential by any player in history, regular season to post season.  Way to go LeBron.

Dynasty…  The word was thrown around all season.  Excuse me, championships are won be by teams, not three players that are more concerned with themselves.   When does a team a achieve dynasty status?  Certainly not in the pre-season.  Certainly not with one championship. 

Ok enough about the Heat and the strangle. 

The Dallas organization showed the basketball world they are true champions.   The Mavs, not only the gut check comebacks but the confident gait with which the players walked, coupled with the humble rank thought-out the series.   I was immensely impressed with Mark Cuban.  In Cuban upon the victory, I saw a little boy wiping tears from his eyes.  It was not about ego, Cuban was genuinely happy for the championship, not the publicity with two class moves on the presentation stage.  1) allowing franchise founder Don Carter to accept the championship trophy;  and 2) passing on his interview with Stuart Scott by calling head coach Rick Carlisle over to Scott. 

“It’s very unbelievable, hard to put into words.” Dirk Nowitzki said to Hannah Strom after the game as he held his MVP trophy.  Nowitzki threw up brick after brick inking a dismal 1 for 12 from the floor only scoring three points in the first 24 minutes.  But Lebron, true champions rise up when they are needed most.  Notwitzki pumped in eighteen second half points and he and his Mav-mates out-scored the Heat 52-44 in last 24 minutes bringing American Airlines Arena (uh, the Miami one) to an anti-climatic season’s end with the board reading Dallas 105, Miami 95.

Rick Carlisle said after the game, “Our guys took it personal tonight.” “I’m so happy for the Mavs organization, which is a class organization.”   When asked what he was most proud of this year, Carlisle said, “The collective toughness of the group… I am really proud to be around this group.”  Notice the word collective, notice the word group… collective – group, teamwork.

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