Lebron James: The Facilitator

By on February 27, 2012

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This is a story I thought I would never write. I’ve been one of Lebron James harshest critics as many of you are well aware, but after debating how he is not better than Kobe, debating how Lebron has a huge mental lapse and debating that Lebron is not even in the top 10 players in the NBA over the past 11 years and winning them all, I’ve decided to take a different route. I’ve decided to see how many of you actually watch Lebron play and understand he could and should be used on a team. If Lebron wants to win multiple rings, if he wants to be known (without debate) that he is one of the greatest ever and if he wants to improve his game it would behoove him to read this and do I say.

6’9” in height and 250 pounds amazing court vision and physically a mismatch for most guys defending him. He’s able to drive to the hoop using angles that will either open the lane or draw a foul. He has the skills to make his entire team look great. I’m talking about Magic Johnson, not Lebron James but my point that I’m getting to is simple, Lebron needs to be a Point Guard and stop trying to be Michael Jordan and stop trying to be anybody but himself.

Lebron James is also 6’9” and 250 pounds, he also has great court vision and he also can draw fouls and make his team look better. Lebron could be the court facilitator and not have to worry about being the “CLOSER” or the “GO TO GUY” he would just have to worry about playing to his strengths. The offensive mismatch would force teams to put a double team on him or have mismatches all over the court. On defense he can shut down smaller and weaker Point Guards, and again he doesn’t have to worry about taking the big shot. Bosh and Wade are both better shooters and have more of the clutch ability than Lebron does. So it only makes sense for him to draw the mismatch and dish the ball.

Pat Riley, Eric Spoelstra and everybody in Lebron’s inner circle should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping up and pointing out such a glaring and fixable flaw in his game. I’m not saying I feel bad for him, I’m just saying what I think he should do if he really wants to win a few championships.

I’m telling you all that Lebron could lead the league in assists, and double doubles, and even possible triple doubles. Currently Lebron averages about 15-20 shots per night, almost 7 assists, and 8 rebounds a game. Playing at the Point Guard spot he would lower his shots per game, mostly the outside jumpers, by 5-8 shots. His assists would increase by 8-12 putting him at an easy double-double a night. 15 points, 15 assists and 9 rebounds a game is a phenomenal stat line, but most importantly it takes all the mental pressure off of Lebron, again he is playing to his pure talents and that is court vision.

I know the Heat are on a nice run right now, but they were on a nice run last year as well, until Lebron started making absent minded mistakes, he collapsed from the pressure. At the Point Guard the pressure is gone, he will actually have fun playing and it will show. He might even grow as a person, being the leader, but not the shooter. Chances are Lebron will continue to chase the championships but come up short, chances are he will never see this, chances are I’m right again but we will never know because to me it seems like Lebron trying to be more like Mike than more like himself is something he will never get away from.

I’m ready for the debate, but there really isn’t much of one here, I’m right, and if you think otherwise you are wrong. I’ve seen Lebron play since he was in High School and I’ve said it all along that he needs to play Point Guard at the Pro level. After 9 seasons and multiple let downs in big games my idea on it is as clear as ever.

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