Another Pointless MVP for LBJ

By on May 13, 2012

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So Lebron wins his 3rd MVP and he has yet to win an NBA Championship. Is Lebron really the most valuable player in the NBA? Hell no. He is a stat monster, he is a scoring machine and a physical beast but he is no where near the most valuable player to his team. Maybe I look at it a little different, maybe I think the MVP should go to the player that makes his teammates better and without him the team would be lost.

If you remove Lebron from the Heat they are still a contender, so I ask you, the reader to think about it, does Lebron truly deserve this? Look around the league and really take a look at the guys that do make everybody better and lead their teams. A few popular names come to mind like Durant, CP3 and Kobe. But if you look a little deeper you may just be surprised at who does the most for their team.

Chris Paul took over the Clippers, the laughing stock of Los Angeles and instantly made them a team to be worried about. He is a floor general and can kill you in the weaning seconds of a game. He makes all those around him better while constantly improving his game.

Tony Parker also leads his team; he has a cast of about to be over hill guys and rookies and yet had one of his best seasons and I think due to the East Coast Bias he was not even a glimmer in most people’s eyes. His play has rejuvenated the Spurs and he led his team to the best record in the West.

Rajon Rondo is simply a freak of nature, he piled up a few triple doubles, pushed his over the hill gang to into the playoff’s and continues to pad his stats all while making sure the “Big 3” of Pierce, Allen and Garnett stay involved in the game.

Kobe Bryant is the heart and soul of the Lakers and he continues to impress me with each passing game. 16 years in the league, 2nd in scoring, he plays monster defense and he will kill you in the clutch. Many say he is a ball hog and a selfish player but he is 2nd on the team in assists. He just passed Magic for most steals as a Laker and without him the Lakers would have not made the playoffs.

I can’t say the same for Lebron, I’ll agree that he has amazing stats but I don’t

Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh the proclaimed "Dream Team" during the summer of 2010 has not won anything yet. Maybe they should keep sleeping (photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

feel he makes his team any better than they are now. The Heat with Wade and Bosh still make the playoffs, they still finish with the 2nd or 3rd best record in the east and they don’t have to worry about a mental breakdown in the 4th quarter.

I always catch a ton of flack for how express my thoughts on James but I’m not saying anything that my eyes don’t “WITNESS” and I’m not the type to kiss up to a player when they have not shown me anything to say without him the Heat would be a horrible team. Yes I think he deserved 1 MVP while in Cleveland but after that I say stop the nonsense.

I will watch and wait for the annual post season collapse of the self proclaimed King as I have every year he has made it to the post season and I will tell all the Lebron Lovers “I TOLD YOU SO” again. Enjoy your individual trophy Lebron, a finals MVP and a championship ring means more than a regular season MVP in my book.

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