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By on June 16, 2016


Rip Roggow (photo Rip Roggow file)

Rip Roggow (Rip Roggow file photo)

I have made my way back across the country to Ohio for the summer. I have been blessed by my employer Troon Golf to have the ability to stay employed during both the Midwest and West Coast golf seasons. According to google maps it was a 27 hour drive time from Scottsdale, Arizona to Columbus Ohio. I was excited for the journey and the time I was going to have to reflect on the past winter and life in general. It is always bitter sweet to leave Taco Tuesday behind. Oh and friends, yes I will miss my friends too.

I made a lot of great progress in the first months leading up to the Phoenix Open Qualifier both mentally and physically. Yes I did have to sacrifice a lot of my free time leading up to the qualifier since I was dedicating myself to work, golf, gym and tacos. For those who do not know me Tuesday is a Holiday every week and I indulge in tacos and beer. Most of my friends that wanted to hang out knew where to find me on Tuesday night.

I actually enjoy traveling in a car for a long period of time ALONE. For some reason four hour car rides as a passenger with the family isn’t as relaxing! Maybe it’s the terrible choice of radio or sea sick swerving. My Dad, I can only assume, has a special pass and uses bowling alley bumpers on the road. I’ve never been Sea sick but have been car sick!! Always a good people watching experience stopping in each state for a quick break for gas and energy drinks. The further East I got the more the accents and personalities of the cashiers changed. Seems like the southern hospitality always got chipper and was at least 4 questions before you could pay once you hit Texas. I always make sure to eat things that won’t come haunting me later on in the truck. All in all is was a great trip back and made it in 33 hours. I’m looking forward to the journey back in November so I can cash in my $2 scratchers in the States I donated.

Looking back at the time I have had the chance to evaluate all the changes that happened to me mentally after not meeting my expectations at the Phoenix Open Qualifier. I noticed the practice sessions got shorter, the Taco Tuesdays got longer and my focus on the golf course shrunk. I didn’t have that eye of the Tiger or zone anymore. Most of what I lost was self-inflicted wounds and not being mentally strong. It seems like a re-occurring theme huh. “A man who is not courageous enough to take risks will never accomplish anything in life.” Muhammad Ali (RIP Great one). We are all chosen for a path to take it is just a matter of being strong enough mentally and physically to not only take the path but stay on the path through adversity. I am not sure where my journey will go or who it will lead me to but I am excited to eventually find out.

I have been blessed to be able to play golf and work in a business that has allowed me to spend the last two summers close to Family and friends in Ohio. One of the great perks of being in this business is playing with the Membership and building relationships. It is always nice to get out on the course and play with the members. Saturdays are typically my day to play in the morning with one of the groups that are in need of a player or want to attempt to take some money off the “Pro.”

Spots are usually limited but no matter which group you fall into it is going to be fun. We have our “Blue Tee Group” that goes off early who is usually low or lower handicap gentleman of the club. It’s fun playing with these guys because they are all good players. The conversations are typically short and most likely revolve around golf or sports and the occasional “What we did last night” from the younger ones. It is easy for me to blend in because I have a little bit of knowledge of some current events. Sometimes it reminds me a few of these guys are about my same age and clearly chose a different financial path than I lol. So taking money from them doesn’t make me feel bad at all (Sorry Boomer). My ball striking doesn’t get the same “ewe’s and Ah’s” as they should since they see themselves hitting equally as good and poor shots.

Then we have our retiree’s that tee off about mid-morning, you know after they have had their dinners. I see a lot of similarities in the personality and attitudes of these fine gents that I see in the younger “Blue Tee” players. The older gentlemen are not as coy or open to discuss certain topics as the younger ones. I’m sure back in their day they could share some great stories about all the shenanigans they were involved in and how they remember the good old days of teeing off at sunrise with the stench of last night’s memoirs pouring out of their body and souls. I can think of a few that if the guard was down the stories they could tell. They are more proper and discuss politics and the financial stability of the United States economy and updated market news. It is nice sometimes so I can get updated on things I know very little about or follow. They can be a great ego booster at times too. Even a mediocre shot will get praise. Simply just say thanks, smile and nod, while under your breath you are reciting the Swear Spangled Banner. Every few shots you will get the “When I saw Palmer and Nicklaus play here they were closer on this hole.” Lol one fact that remains is winning money with this group would be like beating Palmer and Nicklaus. Low handicappers have no chance against these supreme beings from the forward tees and their handicaps. I can’t wait till I get older and can’t get to a par 4 in 2 but its ok I will chip and one putt the World!

Playing with the older refined gentlemen gives you a sense of hope. They are always ready to give sound advice as if it their duty or Honor to pass the torch properly. Today after I had blasted a driver down the middle one of the gentleman chimed, “I wish I could swing that hard! I’m just trying not to defecate myself on my transition. I only have one pair of socks and I’m wearing them.” Sound advice, same person is also responsible for the title of today’s blog.

Now is time to re-focus on Foo Golf and become one with the Universe for an event in July. Be thankful for all that I have and friendships I have built and all the support I get.

You are not alone and always pack a 2nd pair of socks just in case.

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