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As a child I would spend many of my summers in the Detroit suburb of Allen Park with my Aunt and Cousins. I remember traveling though Detroit in the 80’s and 90’s and seeing all walks of life, all types of people and the city itself had a hard and cold feeling to it. I don’t say that as it being a negative either; to me, Detroit was a beautiful and mystic place. I just felt like that City had seen its ups and downs and had so much character. I never had the chance to truly explore the city as an adult but I don’t think much has changed. I’m sure we have all seen the photos of a city on the brink of destruction, empty homes and left for dead businesses. At times Detroit could be mistaken for a warzone and a city with nothing.

Detroit has seen its fair share of death, murder, corruption, hard times and disappointment. But I need you to keep in mind that tough times breed tough people, pressure gives birth to diamonds and to be honest… the Detroit Hardcore scene is just that, they are as tough as can be and they are as priceless as a rare diamond.

Listen to their music and you’ll understand, it’s angry, it’s gritty, it’s honest and it paints an honest picture of what living in Detroit is all about. Just because they are on stage screaming and stomping don’t think there isn’t a message to be heard, don’t for one second think that these guys are up on stage without direction. Just because they are weathered and rough looking doesn’t mean they are thugs and goons… these guys are doing what they love, living their life on their terms and they found a release from their run down environment… Their castle, their safe room, their Utopia is on stage, no matter the size of stage or the amount in the crowd they are there to perform and they do it exceptionally well.

The Detroit Hardcore scene is family and deep rooted brotherhood which is rooted in the city but has branches reaching out from Coast to Coast and even overseas. Bands like Cold as Life and Negative Approach have helped set up the ground work that has spanned over 35 years and continues to go hard. The torch has been passed down from one band to another without any jealousy, and one thing I’ve noticed is there is no sense of competition between the bands; they are all there to support each other. It’s very reminiscent of what happened in the Washington D.C. Hardcore scene in the 80’s with bands such as Bad Brains, Teen Idles, Minor Threat and S.O.A. They all worked and collaborated together in the name of Music and I see many of the same things happening in Detroit today.

I live in the Entertainment Capitol of the World and I can’t seem to find a group of bands that are so talented, devoted and compassionate about their art quite like what I see in the Detroit scene. I’ve put together a list and links to a few bands that will help you navigate your way through this journey… At this time I recommend you turn the volume up….way up, crack your knuckles, stretch you back and neck and prepare to feel like you are in a battle royal. ENJOY!!!

  • Bad Assets – “Detroit Diamonds”:

  • Busby Death Chair- “Mainline”:

  • Kriegs Legion- “War Bastard”:

  • Poison Tongues- “Keep Your Head Down”:

  • Against the Grain- “Surrounded by Snakes”:

  • S.N.A.F.U. – “Eternal Nocturnal”:

  • Ante Up- “Guilty”:

  • Aggro or Die- “See You Next Year”:

  • Detroit 442- “A Fear Of” :

  • Cold as Life – “Detroit City”:

  • SBLC – “Abandoned Soul” :

**Something to Hate**

Something to Hate is gearing up to records their 1st album and I expect great things from these guys, show your support early.

I’ve attached links to some videos and their Facebook pages, now it’s up to you to do the right thing and “LIKE” their page, buy their Merchandise, share their page on your page, yell their name out of the window and off your porch so your neighbors hear, and tell your local concert venue they need to get each and every one of these bands to play there.

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