Don’t Draft Johnny Football

By on February 19, 2014

Johnny Manziel (2) is brought down by Duke Blue Devils linebacker Kelby Brown in the 1st quarter during the Chick-fil-A Bowl (USA TODAY Sports / Daniel Shirey)

Johnny Manziel is to football as to what Justin Bieber is to music. Their fans are both jaded on the ability each have and they are both rottenly immature children that will never grow up. Yep I said it, they are both childish turds that get more credit than they deserve. I’ll leave the Biebs out of the conversation from here on out, I needed to give a “LIKE” comparison and those two instantly popped in my head.

Johnny Manziel did some amazing things in college, as did Tim Tebow, as did Ryan Leaf and as did so many other “SURE THINGS” in the past. Manziel has been compared to Fran Tarkenton and Doug Flutie, I think that’s an insult to Fran and Doug and I will say that Johnny Football is nothing like those two guys and more like… well … more like a midget Tim Tebow. I’ve written in the past that Tebow had a way to pull off wins, I never said I would have taken him on my team and I’ve never said that Tebow would ever be a Pro-Bowl, Super Bowl winning QB… I’ll say this; Manziel will never be a Pro-Bowl, Super Bowl winning QB.

Manziel was surrounded with talent, Jake Matthews, one the best Offensive Linemen in the draft this year, Mike Evans another top draft pick at Wide Receiver and yet Manziel gets the credit and the hype. With Matthews blocking and Evans receiving Otto Graham could have won the Heisman, not the Otto Graham of his prime, but the dead and decayed Otto Graham of today. Manziel lost to every ranked opponent this year with the exception of the Duke team they beat in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl that Duke had no business being in.

Manziel is a spoiled rich kid that doesn’t seem to care about anything other than himself, Manziel loves to party and loves to be in the limelight; that’s not a leader, that’s a self-centered donkey. Manziel has already made comments that he wants to stay in Texas, either for the Texans or the Cowboys…he wants to stay in Texas because it’s a safe haven for him, if he goes elsewhere he will not be protected, he will not have free roam to act like a dick and get away it. Let him get drafted by Cleveland or Oakland and act a fool in one of those towns and not put up winning numbers … he will pulled out into an alley and have the snot beat from him sinus cavity.

Manziel stands, at best 6 feet with cleats, he plays reckless and has average at best arm strength, what makes him the best QB in the draft? Don’t be fooled he is no Russell Wilson. Wilson is truly a class act and a true leader on and off the field. Wilson doesn’t take unnecessary chances with his throws or footwork. Comparing those two is like comparing the brightness of the Sun to the brightness of a Kardashian.

I can see the future: BREAKING NEWS!!! Johnny Manziel NFL Quarterback for the (INSERT TEAM NAME HERE) has been arrested for driving drunk and killing a van full of disabled children while speeding his Lamborghini though a park this afternoon. When asked about the incident Manziel replied “Hey I’m Johnny Football and those kids are lucky to have met me”. Manziel is the midget clone of Ryan Leaf, he will be taken much too early in the Draft, he will be a horrible QB and he will revert to robbing cabins for pain killers and ladies underwear.

I caution any team thinking about drafting Johnny Football in the first 3 rounds, he will either end up getting crushed and on the IR for weeks at a time or he will end in jail, or both. Maybe we will all get lucky and Manziel will decide to take a trip south of the border and get kidnapped by a drug cartel and turned into a male prostitute for high end clients off the Coast on a private yacht. I doubt it though, I can’t see even the most disturbed human being that chewed in the brain to pay to pump him.

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