Five Ways Sports Betting Could Change in the Future

By on March 6, 2019

Sports betting is a global phenomenon to which nothing stands still for long, and companies embark on a seemingly endless battle with each other to attract as many clients as they can.

Below are five different variables that are going to change the landscape of sports wagering.


Loss of sporting stars

A number of sports build their foundations on their stars and gambling firms jump on those bandwagons. They know the crowds will be at their largest when the big stars are performing, which means their turnover is likely to be at its highest.

With the likes of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Manny Pacquiao, Tom Brady and Wayne Rooney in the latter part of their careers, betting firms could see their popularity suffer as a result unless a new group of stars steps forward. This could lead to fewer bonus offerings for players, and worse still, a restriction in games offered.

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Sporting scandals

As gambling increases, so does the potential for market manipulation and corruption, which is a cloud the betting industry is always under. There have been many cases of wrongdoing dating back to the 1950s. Vegas Slots Online highlight some of the worst, with the likes of the CCNY point shaving scandal one of the earliest known examples.

As more sport is shown on our TV screens and streamed via our smartphones, the potential for corruption increases, especially at the lower levels of sport where the lure of a big sum outweighs average earnings, allowing the temptation for wrongdoing to take place.

Gambling laws

In 2018, we saw the biggest change to gambling laws for many years, when sports betting was legalized in the US. As a result, in the coming months we are going to see alterations to the laws in each state, if not the nation.

Last year, seven of the nine Supreme Justices passed a vote which allowed a right to gamble on sports events, meaning all 50 states can now decide whether they want to allow sports betting.


Changes to the rules

That law being passed means there’s likely to be a dramatic change to the rules of gambling moving forward. Each state which agrees to allow sports betting will be able to make their own laws to control how gambling is undertaken, and who knows? There may even be nationwide governance on the topic.

There are already bills in place to regulate online gambling, but given the advancement of technology, there are still further adjustments which will need to be made. The number of platforms which allow gambling is increasing all the time, and each one will need to be looked at.

New gambling technology

Sports betting on mobile devices has been on the increase worldwide for a number of years now, and the American Revolution will add to that particular market, but there are other methods of betting coming into play.

Robots are having an impact on the way many online games are played, and this sort of technology could undergo some enhancements for big-stakes punters to take advantage of at the click of a button.

Virtual reality and things like modified spectacles are other forms of use which could be modified, to allow the opportunity for gambling activities to take place.

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