Hits, Lies and Videotapes

By on September 12, 2014


Ray Rice (PR PHOTO)

Ray Rice, wow imagine getting hit by that! (PR PHOTO)


Ray Rice and Roger Goodell are both pretty screwed, very deserving of any and all repercussions that come from this but in the end they should both be banned from the NFL for life. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about this but I will briefly touch on it… Ray Rice is no man, he is what I consider a wasted human, let make this very very clear… ANY MAN that hits a woman loses the privilege to call himself a man and from that point on he is just an IT. He is no boy he is no man, he is just an IT. Ray Rice made the conscience decision to ball up his fists and strike the woman he says he loves not once but twice, knocking her out and dropping her to the ground. He then proceeds to drag her limp body out of an elevator with no emotion. NO MAN WOULD ACT THAT WAY!!!

What Ray Rice did is inexcusable and no he should not ever have a second chance in the NFL. I hope this serves as a warning to others that hitting a woman is not acceptable. I hope this serves notice to other sports that there is not a place or a reason for a man to strike a woman without a strict punishment being handed down.

The first video only showed the aftermath of the incident and to me it was all I needed to see to say what he did was wrong, I didn’t need a 2nd video to sway my vote. After the first video was released the NFL acted swiftly and handed down a whopper of a penalty, not half the season no an entire season, no 2 whole games at the beginning of the season… no joke, 2 games for knocking out a woman is all he received.

Roger Goodell issued the 2 game suspension claiming he felt that it a just punishment, then later admitted he got it wrong and changed the policy for domestic abuse in the NFL but didn’t change the punishment for Rice until a mysterious 2nd video came about and then and only then did Goodell indefinitely suspend Rice. Why would it take all this to determine that Rice was guilty? As I stated earlier all I needed was to see how callous and heartless Rice acted when pushing his soon to be wife out of the eleveator with his legs and dragging her, not picking her up, not asking for help but just a nudge with his feet to her body.

Goodell got it wrong from day one and he continues to be shown for what he is, a worthless liar. He claimed he had asked for the additional video (TMZ video in full) and it was never present to him, that we know is a lie, he said it showed something else than what Ray Rice had told him, we know that was lie and in the end I keep asking myself why does any of that matter? Ray Rice admitted to hitting her, we see her unconscious and unable to get up on her own, what did Roger think happened? Did he think she swung at Ray so hard and missed that she drove her own face into a railing that rendered her unconscious? Did he think a magic fairy appeared and blew some dust up her nose making her sleep? The truth is, the PRO Athlete, the 220 pound man that is physical specimen beat the hell out of a the woman he was soon to wed and Roger Goodell didn’t think it was a big deal until the masses found out.

This is a true cover-up, the NFL had the tape, saw the tape and in some crazy way thought the NFL brass thought they would be the only ones to see the actual footage, sorry guys we are in 2014 and Bog Brother is alive and well in all aspects of our everyday life. This is more of a scandal than Bountygate ever was; this is more shameful than Mike Vick although I don’t think Vick should have ever been able to play again either. Ray Rice and Roger Goodell both lied on more than one occasion and they have both been caught, yet Rice is gone indefinitely but has a chance to return and Goodell is still running the NFL.



I’ve said that I think Goodell should send his resignation in but that only hits the tip of the iceberg, his staff and his pals all need to be removed, in this case I support “guilty by association” the NFL should have a complete overhaul and remove all of those involved. I don’t Ray Rice should ever be able to play a down in the NFL again, I don’t think Roger Goodell should have the honor of being called the Commissioner of the NFL and I don’t think either should be given a second chance.  Some things in life, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t take back. Hitting a woman, you can’t take that back, lying, you can’t take back and thankfully there was videotape to put both Rice and Goodell in front of the firing squad…  FIRE!!!! Yeah it’s just that simple.

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