Is Beer Elementary in Dunedin?

By on August 14, 2019

Since February 11, 2019 one has not been able to view the construction going on at Dunedin Stadium at Grant Field.  Well if one holds a camera up at arms length with a movable viewing screen it appears that the site comes to life.  This photo shows construction of the new walk about path that will take a fan 360-degrees around the playing field.  Well this photo does show a bit of a problem especially when one notices the buildings on the left side of the photo.  You see the stadium is right next to Curtis Fundamental School which was the old Dunedin Elementary School.  Now the buildings I have been told are kindergarten class rooms and on the left side of the new constructional will be a bar.  Yes fans a bar selling alcoholic beverages and during spring training games the sales will take place while school is in session.  My question now is, is this legal eh?

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