It’s no myth, Urban is the real deal

By on December 31, 2011

Urban Meyer is introduced at a press conference as the new head football coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes (photo by USPresswire/Greg Bartram)

Urban Meyer knows a little something about winning, a career record of 104-23, 2 BCS Championships and 7-1 in Bowl games. Yep I’d say that’s a proven winner. Folks in Florida know it, and I’m sure they hate the fact that he took his dream job at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY because they know how he breeds winners. He was meant to be a Buckeye coach, it’s in his blood. Any true Ohio boy wants to either play for the Buckeyes or Coach the Buckeyes or both. Urban has come full circle, his first college coaching job was for the Buckeyes and I’m willing to bet his last college coaching job will be for the Buckeyes.

His Spread Offense has drawn critics saying he is not making his player NFL ready, but as I look back I notice there are a lot of WEAPONS in the NFL that were coached by Urban Meyer. The Pouncy twins, Percy Harvin, Tebow, Aaron Hernandez and yes even

Urban sign

The Florida faithful were fired up at the 2011 Outback Bowl in Tampa, how do they feel now? (Rocket Sports & Entertainment file photo/Travis Failey)

Cleveland Browns DB Joe Haden to name a few. I’d say those guys are doing just fine in the NFL. What can Urban to for the Buckeyes? Well he is going to make Woody Hayes turn over in his grave by not following his “Three yards and a cloud of dust” motto that almost every coach since has followed. But Woody will realize that Urban is also winning game after game, Big 10 title after Big 10 title and not to mention a handful of National Championships along the way.

How can I say this? Well its simple so let me explain. Kids in Florida, Georgia and Alabama know what the name Urban Meyer means, kids down south normally go to SEC schools, well I think this is about to change, if any coach can pull kids from the SEC it will be Urban Meyer. Not to mention the recruits he will already have from the state of Ohio and the smart kids from the state up north that decide to defect to a real state. Urban Meyer will now have the full cream of the crop in the Big 10, he will be able to attract kids from the SEC and ACC and he will also start a swing in power back to the Big 10. The team he is taking over will be under sanctions next year, but they will use it much like the USC Trojans did in 2011 as an appetizer for the fans and the players thinking of leaving early.

PRICELESS!!! Do they still love Urban Meyer? (Rocket Sports & Entertainment file photo/Travis Failey)

Folks strap on your seat belts, sit back and keep your eyes wide open because THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES are about to bring DOMINANCE back to the Big 10. Urban Meyer has already pulled in some of the best names in this years recruiting class and still has time for more. The defense is filling up fast with 5 star recruits like Noah Spence (1st in the Nation at Defensive End), Tommy Schutt (5th in the Nation at Defensive Tackle), and Adolphus Washington (3rd in the Nation at Defensive End) but I’m sure Urban is far from done. With Offense being his bread and butter I can only imagine what he will bring in.

I can’t wait to see the team he fields next season and the records his kids will break. The anticipation is killing me as I’m sure it is every other Buckeye fan in the World. So let me go on record now as saying that in the year 2013 The Buckeyes will win the national championship, Braxton Miller will win the Heisman, and The Big 10 will be FLOODED with Southern recruits! So the other teams may reap the rewards as well, but none as much as THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES. O-H!!!!

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