Urban Meyer stirring the pot

By on February 5, 2012

Urban Meyer settles in on campus by addressing the crowd during halftime of the Ohio State - Indiana basketball game. And, Ohio State won 80-63 (photo by: US PRESSWIRE/Greg Bartram)-

Usually when a new neighbor moves in to the neighborhood he’s quiet, keeps to his self and tries his best to get in his new neighbors’ good graces.

In the Big-10 neighborhood Meyer is proving to be an awful new neighbor.

Meyer in his first few months as head coach at the Ohio State University has made moves equal to moving into a house that was owned by a quiet tenant, who was there for a seasonal job, and turning it into the envy of the neighborhood.

The neighbors, like Wisconsin coach Brett Bielema, have decided this Urban guy is stirring up trouble.

Bielema took a shot at Meyer and said that he and OSU used illegal recruiting tactics to gain key recruits in this year’s class. Bielema sat down with Big-10 Commissioner Jim Delaney to discuss what he believed Meyer to do wrong.

Since Meyer became the head coach at Ohio State the 2012 recruiting class moved from an average squad to the sixth best class according to ESPN’s class rankings.

Meyer hasn’t made to many other friends because in addition to taking a highly ranked recruit from Wisconsin, a few recruits jumped ship from Penn State for OSU as well.

But football, unlike living in a neighborhood, is a competitive venture. Your job as a coach is to beat those around you and around the nation and to take any advantage you can within the guidelines of the rules: exactly what Meyer has done to this point.

If people in the Big-10 didn’t know about Urban Meyer, we at Rocket Sports and Entertainment can introduce him to the neighborhood.

Urban Meyer is no stranger to Rocket Sports and Entertainment. From his days at University of Florida when Rick Sassone covered him at the 2011 Outback Bowl, to my own prediction that Meyer would take over at the OSU during the 2011 summer, to Joshua Ott’s endorsement of Meyer, RSEN has had full coverage of the “Urban renewal” in Columbus, Ohio.

As long as he’s doing everything by the book, Meyer should do whatever he can to make his team better, no matter who he angers.

When his “unethical” recruits are beating down the rest of the Big-10, Meyer should remember the saying made famous by every rapper, “haters gonna hate” and keep on coaching to win.

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