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Urban Meyer (US PRESSWIRE/Greg Bartram)

Urban Meyer (US PRESSWIRE/Greg Bartram)

THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!!!  THE 2015 National Champions!! Scarlet and Grey!!! O-H…I-O!! Call them what you will, I prefer to keep it simple and call them MY BUCKEYES. My Buckeyes will be back on the field in a few short weeks and they will continue to dominate College Football.  My Buckeyes will roll through the season undefeated, they will field three players that could be in consideration for the Heisman and they will win a second consecutive National Championship.

I know fans, like myself, can’t wait for the season to begin, so in the meantime I’ll give you a glimpse of how I think the season plays out. I’ve stated earlier that I think My Buckeyes could field three possible Heisman winners, I say Ezekiel Elliot, Joey Bosa and whoever gets the start at QB could win it.

With Coach Meyer not tipping his hat to who will start we are all left to guess, I think it will end up be Jones, only because he did the most damage at the most important time last season. He was like a hired Hitman, or a Sleeper Cell just waiting to hear the word to attack, and last year he attacked and handed the school, the program and the fans another Championship.

Joey Bosa will miss the 1st game of the season, but after that he should continue to shine. Last year Bosa ended the season with 13.5 sacks, look for him to increase those number this season and have anywhere from 15-18 sacks for the season, either way he will break Vernon Gholston’s record of 14 that’s for damn sure.  I hope the one game suspension works as a fire burning inside Bosa. I want him to hate the fact he is not on the field with his team and I want him to return with an unstoppable thirst for the opposing Quarterbacks. The only Bosa I want to see this season is a Bosa with a chip on his shoulder and hunger in his eyes! That is the Bosa needed to set the tone for the rest of the squad.

Now we are gonna talk about everybody’s favorite running back… Ezekiel Elliot. Elliot will be the “GO TO” weapon for My Buckeyes this season; he proved last season that he was durable, tough, quick and strong and he looks like he’ll be even tougher, stronger and quicker this year. He only ran for 1878 yards with 18 TD’s last season, I’ll predict a 2000 yard season and 22 TD’s this year. Yes I think he will break Eddie George’s record for rushing yards in a single season, which is even more impressive knowing the Buckeyes will be passing the ball a ton this season.

Buckeyes at Virginia Tech= Buckeyes win: 49-17

Hawaii at Buckeyes= Buckeyes win: 56-10

Northern Illinois at Buckeyes= Buckeyes win: 44-7

Western Michigan at Buckeyes= Buckeyes win: 45-9

Buckeyes at Indiana= Buckeyes win: 48-21

Maryland at Buckeyes= Buckeyes win: 38-7

Penn State at Buckeyes= Buckeyes win: 42-21

Buckeyes at Rutgers=Buckeyes win:  66-14

Minnesota at Buckeyes= Buckeyes win: 34-17

Buckeyes at Illinois= Buckeyes win: 65-12

Michigan State at Buckeyes= Buckeyes win: 50-24

Buckeyes at Michigan= Buckeyes win: 100-0… just kidding… Buckeyes win 31-7

Enjoy the season Buckeyes fan… We will see records broken, dreams made and another crowning of the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

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