Jayna Thompson excels with Volleyball Passion

By on June 30, 2014

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At 15 years old Jayna Thompson has  been playing volleyball for five years but her on court presence, maturity and determination gives the appearance that she has been on the court since being a toddler.   Jayna has just completed her freshman year at Bishop Fenwick High School  in Franklin, Ohio and has already racked up numerous accolades.  Starting varsity for the Falcons as a frosh,  Jayna was named honorable mention All-Conference in the Greater Catholic League (GCL), honorable mention all-district 15, freshmen 59 honorable mention all-american.

Now that school is out for the summer Jayna is playing with the Cincinnati Volleyball Academy U16 team.  They recently played in the 41st AAU Girls’ Junior National Volleyball Championships in Orlando, Florida.  The championship draws over 1,500 teams in varying levels with the matches played at Disney’s Wide World of Sports and the Orange County Convention Center June 16 through 24, 2014.  Jayna said the biggest adjustment in Orlando was “Getting use to the speed of the game…it’s a lot faster and the girls are a lot better.”  Thompson also added, “You run into more height.”   When I asked Jayna if she wanted to play at the next level (NCAA) she exclaimed,  “Yes!” And to where?  Jayna said,  “Anywhere in the country.”   Jayna has a distinct advantage being she is left-handed, which makes sense to me.  I guess I likened it a baseball pitcher.

As for college, Jayna’s height coupled with early experience, more playing years left at high school and junior level is making for the right track to the NCAA.  Jayna said that Alabama, Virginia and Syracuse have already been looking her way.  With the time this young lady has left at the lower levels, her talent and her passion and drive for the game I am sure a lot more universities will come calling over the next couple years.

Standing now at 5 foot 11 1/2 inches, Jayna’s volleyball career began very simply.  Upon transferring school in 5th grade Jayna said she was taking a placement test and it was a teacher, Michelle Ross that suggested Jayna play volleyball because of her height.  That was all Jayna needed to hear and the passion fell into place.  I sensed from my short visit with Jayna that moment was a defining moment in her young life.   Like in my  “good player, great player” segment,  I believe Jayna does and has done  the extra things to be a “great player.”

It is always a great thing to see the transformation of young athletes excelling in scholastic athletics and building dreams while laying the foundation of hard work to make those dreams come true.   Jayna is certainly a role model for young girls out there that may want to pave their road as a student athlete through volleyball.

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