NBA Youngsters Tearing it Up

By on December 1, 2010

I know we are all immersed in college and pro football, but the NBA season has started and it has started out great.  The youngsters are stepping up and giving veterans fits.  While you might not be up to speed, I have some players you should keep an eye on.

Blake Griffin– This guy is a beast and gives LA Clipper fans hope.  He was hurt all last season with a knee injury, but he is back and is in beast mode. The Clippers are not a playoff contender but if you’re a fan of the game and have NBA League Pass, you will watch this double machine do work.  He’s got some early Rookie of the Year competition with John Wall nipping at his toes, but if Blake can stay healthy he’s going to be a human highlight reel all season.

Quick Stats:

Ranks 4th in double doubles with 8.

Ranks 7th in rebounds with 11 per game.

Ranks 29th in points per game with 19.9 per game.

What do these stats tell you?

Griffin is the foundation of an ailing franchise.  Build around him and with the right guidance this team can be a playoff contender in the loaded Western Conference soon.

Russell Westbrook– I knew this guy was going to blow up when I saw him play during the World Championships this summer.  This young man is on the rise.  He’s a vital piece to that young puzzle formerly known as the Seattle Super Sonics and might be one of the biggest reasons Kevin Durant wins MVP this year.  Westbrook might be a smaller guy but his presence is known when he is on the court making things happen.  In his third year he has the stats and potential to be an All-Star.

Quick Stats:

Ranks 10th in points per game with 23.2.

Ranks 9th in assist per a game with 8.2.

Ranks 6th in double doubles with 7.

Fun Stat:

Ranks 1st in free throws with 117.

What do these stats tell you?

This guy wants to get to the cup while maintaining his duties as distributor.  I love that he’s first in free throws made; he’ll win games in the clutch.

Kevin Love– One season removed from crying I just have to say, “Wow this guy is having a great season.”  K-Love landed the first 30 point 30 rebound game; 31 points, 31 boards on November 12th this year vs. the New York Knicks; first time since Moses Malone had 32 points and 38 boards for the Rockets vs. the Supersonics on February 11th, 1982. Love owns the boards in the NBA right now; no one is better than K-Love…  He’s first in every rebound category and one thing that attributes the Timberwolves are horrible so he’s going to be the focus.  Not a franchise guy but good.  The season is long but let’s see if he can keep it up.

Quick Stats-

1st in rebounds per game with 14 and any other major rebounding category.

2nd in double doubles with 10.

35th in points per game with 18.

What do these stats tell you?

This guy is a workhorse.  I believe he’s going to have quite a few big games this year.  Someone needs to make a move for him.  He’s dying in Siberia.

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