OTT’s a GM (NBA-Eastern Conference – Central Division)

By on March 12, 2012

Eastern Conference: Central Division

Chicago Bulls:

My Thoughts:

I like Tom Thibodeau and I like his style, so he stays. Of course Rose stays and after that, they are all replaceable. I have a floor leader that can pass, shoot and play defense and I bolster that by adding the biggest name possible. Dwight Howard. I make that move right now and worry about the rest later.

How I make it work:

– I trade Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Richard Hamilton, the Bulls 2012 1sr round unprotected pick, and the 2013 2nd round unprotected pick works out as far as money in concerned and the draft picks in 2 super deep drafts help add sugar to the pot.

– I trade Carlos Boozer the Hawks for Josh Smith.

– In free agency I aggressively attack Louis Williams, Nick Young and O.J. Mayo to come play and start at the Shooting Guard spot.

Future Outlook:

Defensively this is one of beast of a team, and having Rose lead the offense will make it very hard to defend. This is a team that could also lead the NBA in Points I the paint. Passing up on deep drafts is not an easy thing to do, but in this instance it make sense.

Indiana Pacers:

My Thoughts:

Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, and Tyler Hansbough are the core group I keep and build around. Hibbert is an explosive 7’2 behemoth that is getting better with age. Granger is my leader on the team and Hansbough is just a kid that plays hard and competes with everybody.

How I make it work:

– I trade David West and Paul George to the Sacramento Kings for Tyreke Evans and Jason Thompson.

– In free agency I look at guys to add depth, Ray Allen and Mo Williams will be 2 guys I talk to 1st.

Future Outlook:

Hibbert is the key, if he continues to grow the team continues to win, and win and win. Granger and Evans with Hibbert…that’s hard to stop.

Milwaukee Bucks:

My Thoughts:

The Bucks have 2 guys worth keeping and normally a big 7 foot guy is one of the key guys, but not in this instance. Bogut has to be moved and that is the primary key to success. Livingston, Delfino and Moute are all on the market as well. Building to the strengths of the core players I look for speed and athleticism mixed with a little veteran leadership.

How I make it work:

– Trade Andrew Bogut to the Hornets for Emeka Okafor and the Timberwolves unprotected pick in the 2012 draft.

– Stephen Jackson, Carlos Delfino and Mbah a Moute to the Grizzlies for Rudy Gay.

– Target a Shooting Guard and Center in the draft. Having 2 high lottery picks the possibility of landing Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb or Austin Rivers and Tyler Zeller is pretty high.

Future Outlook:

Adding so much youth at once will take time turn into a true contender but it will be fun to watch these guys run and gun on the court. Youth is about to take over the East as Boston, Miami, Atlanta and Orlando just get older.

Detroit Pistons:

My Thoughts:

Monroe, Knight and Stuckey are all guys you keep; on paper the Pistons should be much better than they are so a fire sale of sorts is in order here. Prince, Gordon, Maxiell, Wallace and Villanuevo are all on the outs in my organization. It’s time to bring the fame back to the Pistons and these guys are dead weight for me, but like it’s been said one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. All of these guys can help other teams, and those teams have the pieces to make the Pistons a team to be worried about again.

How I Make it Work

– I trade Tayshawn Prince and Ben Wallace to the Dallas Mavericks for Lamar Odom and the Mavs 2012

– I trade Ben Gordan and a 2013 2nd round unprotected pick to the Clippers for Mo Williams.

– I trade Tayshawn Prince to the New Orleans Hornets for Trevor Ariza and a 2013 1st round lottery protected pick.

– Maxiell and Villanuevo are traded during the draft for future draft picks.

Future Outlook:

Knight and Stuckey can pass and score, Monroe clogs the paint, and Mo Williams coming off the bench is electric. This isn’t the Bad Boys of the past; it’s just a young team with a ton of upside.

Cleveland Cavs:

My Thoughts:

I’ve been a harsh critic of Dan Gilbert in the past, I think he blew the Lebron situation and I think his interference in the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers that was shot down was unnecessary. With that being said, the Cavs had a great draft in 2011, set themselves up in the draft this year and have draft picks coming to them from the Heat in the future. So where do you take a team that is on the rise? You keep building, you cut dead weight and make it a true High Speed, Low Drag unit. Some perimeter shooting is needed and some true Veteran leadership is needed.

How I make it work:

– I trade Ramon Sessions to the Lakers for the Mavs 2012 top 20 protected and Matt Barnes.

– During the draft I target Andre Drummond by using my lottery pick or a combination of my lottery pick and the pick from the Mavs and Anderson Varejao.

– In free agency I target Jamal Crawford and Shannon Brown.

Future Outlook:

With Kyrie, a pile of draft picks and a coach that expects greatness the Cavs are on the way to the top. A center and a perimeter shooter is needed to seal the deal, once those 2 spots are filled the Cavs will be moving to the top of the food chain, without Lebron James.

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