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By on May 26, 2013

Nerlens Noel (3) dunks the ball over Alabama Crimson Tide center Moussa Gueye (14) during the first half at Coleman Coliseum. (photo USA TODAY Sports Images / Kelly Lambert)

Dan Gilbert has landed the 1st pick in the NBA Draft for the 3rd time in 10 years and 2nd time in the past 3 years. We all know the Cavs took Lebron James in 2003 and Kyrie Irving in 2011 but the burning question is; who will they take this year. Now that they have rehired Mike Brown and plan to “Focus on Defense” many are thinking the Cavs will select Nerlens Noel the shot blocking, Kid ‘n Play lookalike from Kentucky. I hope for Cavs fans sake they don’t go there, it has nothing to do with his injury or his mom that appears to be bred with a porcupine, no it has to do with his complete lack of offense. Noel is 6’11’’ and a little over 205 pounds to put that into perspective, Anthony “One Brow” Davis is 6’11’’ and 220 pounds and he looks like he might break if the wind blows the wrong direction.  So I ask, how will Noel stand up to other Centers in the NBA like Dwight Howard, Roy Hibbert and Joakim Noah that all play a physical style? They will eat him up.

So what I’ve done here is I’ve conjured up 3 scenarios as to how I think the Cavs should handle their draft and off season. I’ve seen rumors of Kevin Love coming to the Cavs, well let me put that to rest, Kevin Love will stay in Minnesota until the Lakers come knocking. The Cavs would have to give up both 1st round picks this year, Thompson, Waiters and an unprotected pick next year to land Love and I don’t see that happening.

Scenario 1:


Sign: PG- Nate Robinson, he has proven to be a spark in an offense and has a very nice outside jump shot. Defense is not his strong point, but playing in Chicago has helped improve his defense.

Sign: SG-Tony Allen, pound for pound one of the best defensive players in the NBA.

Sign: C- Greg “Mr. Glass” Oden, sign a one year deal and see if the old, young man holds up.



Round 1, Pick 1: SF: Otto Porter- Georgetown. 6’9’’; 200lbs

Round 1, Pick 19: C- Steven Adams- Pittsburgh. 7’0’’; 255lbs

Round 2, Pick 31: SF/PF: Livio Jean-Charles- Villeurbanne, International. 6’9’’; 220lbs

Round 2, Pick 33: PF: Jackie Carmichael- Illinois State. 6’9”; 241lbs

Depth Chart:

PG- Irvin/ Robinson

SG- Allen/ Waiters/ Ellington

SF- Porter/ Gee/  Jean- Charles

PF- Thompson/ Zeller/ Carmichael

C- Varejao/ Oden/ Adams

Scenario 2:


PG- Mo Williams- He knows the system and can play either Guard slot if needed.

SF- Matt Barnes- Played his best season last year and did a solid job defensively.

C- Oden- Give the man a chance….. for CHEAP!


Round 1, Pick 1: SF: Otto Porter- Georgetown. 6’9’’; 200lbs

Round 1, Pick 19: SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- Georgia. 6’6’’; 205lbs

Round 2, Pick 31: C: Mike Muscala- Bucknell. 6’11”; 230 lbs

Round 2, Pick 33: SF/PF: C.J. Leslie- N.C. State. 6’9″; 209 lbs


PG- Irving/ Williams

SG- Waiters/Ellington/Caldwell-Pope

SF- Porter/Gee/Barnes

PF- Thompson/Zeller/Leslie

C- Varejao/Oden/Muscala




SF- Corey Brewer- Defense and outside shooting with attitude.

PF- Elton Brand- can still give minutes and still has the defensive skills to help.



Round 1, Pick 1: SG: Ben McLemore- Kansas.  6’5″; 189 lbs (RAY ALLEN with MAD UPS!!!)

Round 1, Pick 19: PF: Tony Mitchell- North Texas. 6’9″; 236 lbs

Round 2, Pick 31: SF/PF: Deshawn Thomas- THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. 6’7″; 220 lbs

Round 2, Pick 33: C: Lucas Nogueira- Estudiantes, International. 6’11”; 215 lbs


PG- Irving/Waiters

SG- McLemore/Ellington

SF- Gee/Brewer/Thomas

PF- Thompson/Brand/Mitchell

C- Varejao/Zeller/ Nogueira

Well that’s what I would do, but it remains to be seen what the Cavs will do. Will they push out from the bottom of the barrel or will they remain another Mistake by the Lake Cleveland team? We will find out in about 30 days, oh and those that think Lebron is coming back…stop it. Stop it now! Why would you want him to come back and why would he want to? After the Heat lose to the Pacers this year and they fail to make it out of the East again next year Lebron will be looking to sign that final big payday contract. The only teams that will be able to pay him are the Heat, Nets, Knick, Boston and the Lakers.

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