Publix and Customers need Math Lessons

By on July 7, 2022

This photo taken at 6:40 PM on July 6th in front of the Publix Market on S. Highland Ave. in Clearwater shows two customers leaving the Publix there with their more than 10 items from the express checkout lane.  Here is what happened about 10-minutes earlier I walked past the express lane and a person with a full cart blocked everyone waiting in line from checking out while he went elsewhere.  Well, yours truly went to the ice cream area, got what I wanted and returned about five minutes later.  Well, the two people the guy blocked was only about halfway through checking out when it appeared his charge card failed so he paid cash.  Well, the next two customers checked out, one with eight items the second with two and me with four finally got out.  Well, the person behind me who is pictured made nasty remarks at me for bring it up that he had more than ten items, 12-13 to be exact.  He also kept up his negative comments just short of profanity but having a battle of wits with him would be like fighting an unarmed man so I just told him I would take his picture outside for this article.  The photo is here so enjoy, and remember not everyone can count or for that matter be a nice and honest person.

As a note I was informed that Publix employees are not allowed to bring up to the non-intelligent person that they have to many items for the 10 and under checkout lane.

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