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By on May 10, 2013

Mike Muir, Suicidal Tendencies (photo Frank Colucci / RSEN)

St Petersburg, Fla.– (April 30th, 2013)  The Slam City Tour made its first of three Florida stops Tuesday night at St. Petersburg’s State Theater. Suicidal Tendencies is headlining The Slam City Tour, along with Sick of It All and newcomers, Waking The Dead.

Waking The Dead may be a new band but lead singer Mike Clark is no rookie in this business. Mike played rhythm guitar in Suicidal Tendencies on most of their albums. Waking The Dead quickly proved to me they had exactly what it takes to open for Suicidal; forty minutes of thrash metal, that left me wanting more.

Mike Clark, Waking The Dead (photo Frank Colucci / RSEN)

Up next was New York City’s hard-core punk band Sick Of It All. Definitely one of the loudest bands I have ever heard in a small venue. It was so loud that I have to say “thank you” to the merchandise booth for selling ear plugs. Sick Of It All ripped through a forty-five minute set that had this packed house moshing, crowd surfing and ended with a “wall of death,” which front man, Lou Koller, claimed that his band had invented.

Lou Koller, Sick Of It All (photo Frank Colucci / RSEN)

Closing this show was, of course, the legendary Suicidal Tendencies. Hailing from Venice Beach, California, I have been listening to Suicidal Tendencies since the late 80’s. Over twenty members of the band have come and gone over the years with the exception of lead singer Mike Muir, (and Mike Clark up until the latest album). Muir being the main lyric writer and Clark contributing, brought us classic songs over the years like Trip at the Brain, How Will I Laugh Tomorrow, Send Me Your Money and I saw Your Mommy; just to name a few.

Suicidal Tendencies blasted through a seventeen song set, (see full set list below), that sounded as good today as it did years ago. Directly in front of the stage was a mosh pit that never stopped. There were people crowd surfing during every song; metal heads being passed around like a joint, backstage at a Stones concert. Many of the crowd surfers made their way up on to the stage and then jumped right back into the mayhem on the floor.

The show ended with about twenty-five fans up on stage all singing “Pledge Your Allegiance.”

Suicidal Tendencies (photo Frank Colucci / RSEN)

It was a great night; three awesome bands and hundreds of ecstatic fans. All cheering “S.T., S.T., S.T.”  Originally I was couldn’t decide whether to go to the the St. Petersburg show or Friday night’s show in Orlando. I’m glad I chose this one. I had a few friends at the Orlando show, and apparently Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir was sick and the set was cut short to only eleven songs. Somebody should have given Mike a Pepsi.

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