Weather does not Hold Litsch Back

By on March 31, 2011
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Mailman or Jesse Litsch? Niether rain, snow, sleet or... tornado? could keep Jays pitcher Jesse Litsch from working out Thursday in Dunedin. (Photo by Eddie Michels)

DUNEDIN, Fl. (RSEN)–Toronto Blue RHP Jesse Litsch stretches prior to throwing about 80-pitches on Thursday morning.  Forced inside
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Englebert Complex, Thursday March 31, 2011 as Tornado passes through the Dunedin area. (Photo by Eddie Michels)

at the Englebert Complex because of high winds and heavy rain Litsch threw what was supposed to be in a minor league game instead in the team’s batting cages.  The Jays fifth starter flew out of Tampa later Thursday to join his teammates for Friday’s home opener in Toronto against Minnesota. (Photo by EDDIE MICHELS/RSEN)
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