Winners and Champions Crowned on Final Night

By on February 23, 2014

Travis Cope (26) was crowned Florida Triple Crown Champ (photo Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

New Smyrna, Fla.– Eight nights of racing was capped off with the final night of The World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Saturday night at New Smyrna Speedway.  There would be 3 race winners and 3 series champions crowned.  Race winners included Brad May (Pro Late Model), Marty Pierce (Sportsman), and Kyle Benjamin (Super Late Model).  Champions for the World Series were Spencer Davis (Pro Late Model), and Steve Wallace (Super Late Model), and capping off the Florida Triple Crown after 2 wins earlier this year was Travis Cope.
The big race tonight was the Super Late Models, running a 100 lap feature.  And if you were not there, you missed a barn burner. The first half of the race was uneventful.  Kyle Benjamin would get the jump on polesitter TJ Duke, Cope falling into third.  Tyler Dippel and Steve Wallace would make up the top five.  TJ Duke would pit, giving Ryan Moore fifth.  Leader begin to lap traffic by lap 19 and lap 37 sees our first yellow as Wallace and Moore attempt to lap Anthony Cataldi.  Looks like Wallace went high, Moore low and Cataldi caught in the middle, coming down on Moore causes him to spin. 

Steven Wallace (66) racing side by side with Travis Cope (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

The restart again sees Benjamin pull away, Wallace gets by Cope, Alex Labbe challenges Keene for 6th, Labbe in the 36 looks fast tonight.  Halfway and Cope is trying everything on Wallace and Jake Griffin slows in turn one causing another caution.  He pulls away, no damage.
The second half of the race starts with Cope diving under Benjamin into turn one on the restart, he drifts into Benjamin, sending both cars high, allowing Wallace to pass them both.  Cope saves it and maintains second, Benjamin now runs third, Moore and Dippel make up the top 5.  Benjamin, Cope, Wallace, and Moore look to put on a show.  Benjamin takes Cope for second and sets his sights on Wallace.  Nasse , Watson and Labbe battle hard for 7th.  Nasse has moved up from his poor starting position of 14th after of miscue in qualifying.  Wallace holds off Benjamin for a couple of restarts, but three quarters into the 100 lapper and Benjamin gets a good run under Wallace and takes the lead.  Cope right behind him, but can’t get through as Wallace shuts the door.

Travis Cope (26) keeping pace ahead of David Rogers (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Caution lap 84 as Keene presses too hard on Spencer Davis’ rear bumper, sending him around.  As Davis spins, Cope makes slight contact with Wallace, who taps the outside wall allowing Cope and Moore to take 2nd and 3rd.  Drivers are really pushing things with just 15 laps to go.  The restart is going to be exciting.  Wallace outside of Moore in row two, just past the start finish line and Moore is sideways, into the inside wall hard.  He shows Wallace his displeasure by walking out onto the track and letting Wallace know he is number 1.  Ten to go on the restart and Cope, starting in front of Wallace, loses traction, sliding back to  6th, in front of Rogers.  Banjamin pulls away from Dippel as Cope and Wallace battle hard.  Benjamin is to strong tonight, the battle is for third with Cope and Wallace and 8th with Nasse and Rogers.  Benjamin wins by over a second, Dippel second (he will later be DQ’s by Ricky Brooks, too much left side weight), Cope third Watson fourth, and Wallace fifth.

Tyler Dippel (1) was DQ’d from a second place finish is racing here under Steven Wallace (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Wallace treats the crowd to a very smoky burnout as Benjamin parks it in victory lane.  Wallace exits the car to a heckling crowd and an irate Ryan Moore.  The police are on the scene and the incident ends without violence, despite the crowd’s encouragement. 
Benjamin wins the race, Wallace the World Series Champion and Cope wins 2 of 3 to take the Florida Triple Crown.  Only the Daytona 500 remains for this Speedweeks, New Smyrna end the week with the best race I have seen in years. 
It has been a grueling 9 days here at New Smyrna for competitors and fans alike.  Thank you to everyone who made this event happen. 
See ya at the track!’

Brandon Waston (9) racing under Alex Labbe. Labbe finished 5th and Watson finished 9th. (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Cameron Haley (24) races Joey Mucciacciaro (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Triple Crown winner Travis Cope (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Unofficial Finish
Kyle Benjamin
Travis Cope
Brandon Watson
Steve Wallace
Alex Labbé
Stephen Nasse
Brendon Bock
David Rogers
Joey Mucciacciaro
Daniel Webster
Daniel Keene, Jr.
Anderson Bowen
Anthony Cataldi
Gus Dean
Jerry Artuso
Natalie Decker
Kyle Maynard
Cameron Hayley
Denver Foran
Steven Simpson
Steve Weaver
Tim Sozio
Matt Tifft
Ryan Moore
Spencer Davis
Ray Black, Jr.
Anthony Sergi
Bill Catania
T.J. Duke
Will Gallaher
Jake Griffin
Dakotah Stephens
Tyler Dippel

Kyle Benjamin (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Super Late Model champion Steven Wallace (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Steven Wallace does the DONUTS (photo Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Marty Pierce SPORTSMAN WINNER (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Brad May in Victory Lane with the Pro Late Model win (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Pro Late model Champion Spencer Davis (photo by Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

AND THEY’RE OFF! TJ Duke, Kyle Benjamin, Cameron Hayley, Travis Cope, Steve Wallace, Tyler Dippel get off on the green flag (photo Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Ryan Moore (74) racing Travis Cope (photo Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Stephen Nasse (51) on top of David Rogers by a half car length (photo Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Spencer Davis (129) spins off Daniel Keene Jr.’s bumper (photo Rodney Meyering / RSEN)

Nasse sparks into a 6th place finish (photo Rodney Meyering / RSEN)


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