You have Classless and then you have Floyd Mayweather

By on May 4, 2012

Mayweather (left) and Miguel Cotto, shown here at the February press conference, square off Saturday night at the MGM in Las Vegas. Really, is anyone rooting for Mayweather? (photo Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE)

Floyd Mayweather, Money Mayweather or as I like to call him the Biggest P.O.S. on the planet is gearing up for another fight. I am not afraid to admit I cheer on his opponent in every fight. I even went as far as placing a bet on Cotto this time. Floyd’s luck will have to run out sooner or later and I want to be able to rake it in when it does. I’m so tired of hearing how he is 42-0 and the greatest boxer around right now, I’m tired of people not knowing how big of degenerate he really is. Folks the truth shall set you free, and here is the truth.

He beats women, threatens children and has a history of assaults and battery. So why do so many stand up for him? I have no answer to that question. If you stand up for and support a man that has been found guilty, gone to jail and done community service for hitting women I don’t think you and I have the same moral compass, and trust me I have very low morals but I will never support a man that hits a woman or threatens children.

In his past fight against Victor Ortiz he acted like the P.O.S. he is and took a swing at a defenseless fighter, although within the rules it proves yet again he is a swine. I would like to think that this alone would sway the minds of his minions but yet they follow like lost sheep. They cheered for him as he stood in the ring looking like a pimp that just smacked his crack head hooker for not making enough revenue for the night. Ortiz started it with an attempted head butt, but Ortiz also tried to shake the demons of anger and apologize.

Floyd Mayweather has never been apologetic for any of his actions, in fact he boasts about his actions and claims to be a thug, that’s nothing to be proud of, and when you get manicures, have a chef and spend long periods of time with a soft rapper like 50 Cent, you my friend are not a thug, you are something else, something much different than a thug. I know plenty of thugs, they will smack the taste out your mouth, spit on your momma and then take your sister out and make her pay. Having a romantic dinner with 50 Cent…not something a thug would do.

The boxer, separated from the man has tons of talent, but I stand firm in saying that he can be beaten, he can beaten rather easily and I saw a glimpse of how to beat him in Ortiz fight. I’ll let you in on the secret, you crowd him and force him into the corner, you need to bull rush him and keep your jabs in his face. Once pinned in the corner you land pure power punches to his smirking face. People seem to think he is unhittable, well they said the same for Sugar Ray and I’m pretty Sure Duran, Hearns, Norris and Camacho did a solid job of hitting him. You must be relentless and throw punches in bunches and I assure you he will cave. Ortiz had the right blueprint but couldn’t execute the plan and turn it into a brawl. A brawl will send Floyd to the mat, and down for the count.

Miguel Cotto, shown here November 13, 2009 at the weigh-in for the Manny Pacquiao fight. (photo by US PRESSWIRE/Chris Cozzone)

With that being said I truly hope Cotto turns this fight into a brawl and send Floyd to the ground, Cotto is not known for having heavy hands, but he is a warrior and he may give Floyd a better fight than you may expect. I expect Cotto to come out swinging and pressing the fight, letting Floyd toss out his limp jabs that cause no damage and then by round 9 Cotto should have momentum on his side and smell blood and attack.

If you support Floyd and all of his actions in and out of the ring you are no friend of mine, you actually should ask a relative to smack some sense into you for cheering on a women beating, child threatening, classless turd, but hey its American and you can cheer on anybody, just don’t do it next me.

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