Don’t know Left from Flags Right

By on March 17, 2019

It seems the employees at Baseball City in St. Petersburg, Fl. don’t know there left from their flags right.  As you look at the scoreboard for the Canadian National Junior baseball game on Saturday the Canadian Flag is on the left where the American Flag should be.  It has been this way for two days and when it was brought to the attention of the city employees for two days their comment was, “You are the only one to mention it.”  Great PR St. Pete.

Photo courtsey of Eddie Michels

Side Note: Mr. Mayor-Could you please inform your employees at Baseball City that the American Flag is on the right and the Canadian on the left when you are viewing them.  I have brought it to their attention the past two days and one quote is, “You are the only one to notice it.”  Please instruct you employees not to insult a disabled veteran.  Ed Michels

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