Eddie Bugs out on Nicole

By on November 12, 2022

I-10 is again the transport route for electrical needs in Florida just look at this truck load of new transformers headed east bound. I didn’t think that Nicole was as bad as Ian? (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

With Nicole coming to Clearwater this past Thursday I bugged out for Crestview, Florida on Wednesday like I did this past September when Ian came to town.  Outside of a couple of trash cans tipped over and a few branches on the ground my place of residence survived.  But as you can see by the photo gas is a lot cheaper in Crestview at $3.12 a gallon but if you drive back south on S. Ferdon toward I-10 you will see it raise sharply to $3.66 a gallon, ick.  Most places the price of gas was in the neighborhood of $3.59 a gallon off I-10 and US 19 south but if you travel away from these roads the price does drop significantly.  But since I do like to travel this bugout was okay except my late wife Karen wasn’t with me, I will visit her tomorrow and bring her up to date.


Well in closing for this bug out story on November 10th I was at VFW Post 5450 and I took photos for the post for their celebration of the US Marine Corps. Birthday.  Well fans I have never witnessed a happier post in the 50-plus years I have been a veteran, aka member of the VFW.  “We’re like that,” said Post Commander John Hamilton who from 2012 to 2013 was the National VFW Commander.  So, I am saying this to you all, if you are ever in Crestview, Florida on US-90 west of the city stop in you will really enjoy your time there.  No BS.

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