Father and Son in the Show

By on February 24, 2019
Chad with his dad, Tim Wallach (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Bradenton, Fla.—After a three hour bus trip from Miami to Bradenton 2014 Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer  Tim and his son Chad Wallach got ready for a spring training game of baseball.

     “It’s pretty special to spend some time watching him play, be that close to him and be a little bit of a part of his career,” said the senior Wallach, “It’s been great.”

Marlins Don Mattingly and Former Blue Jay JP Arencebia (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

     As to coaching his  son from childhood to adult Tim said, “It is but it’s a little different.  The toughest part that has always been toughest for me just watching him play than when I played.   You want him to do well so you have to be a little careful, but I love being a part of what’s going on.”

     Of course the Miami manager Don Mattingly might have something to say as the senior Wallach is his bench coach and has been for the past five seasons.

Mattingly Signs for the Fams in Bradenton (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

     “It’s good,” said Mattingly of the father/son on the team, “With Wally he was my bench coach out in LA and my third base coach and we had another one of his sons in camp who is also a catcher.  I think it’s tough on him (Tim) because anytime your kids are on the field you are part dad, part coach and you have to stay out of it at that point.  You always feel for him cause I watched my own son play, it’s hard to watch your kid at this level.”

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