Fundraiser for Kids Almost Ruined But Not the Fault of those Insuring a Kids Merry Christmas

By on January 31, 2015


(Eddie Michels photo)

(Eddie Michels photo)


DUNEDIN, Fla.—Back on December 21, 2014 a group of motorcycle enthusiasts took to the streets of Dunedin for a run to assist less fortunate children in foster care.  They were hoping to brighten their holiday season.

Yes, those riders who numbered over 25-hundred on two wheels, did succeed in their holiday quest except that one resident of Dunedin almost spoiled the whole day benefit for the kids.

You see, one woman, a Debra Kayholm, decided she couldn’t wait for the pedestrians to clear the side of the street adjacent to American Legion Post 275, who were watching the parade of two wheeled vehicles as they passed.

As you will see in the video below, Ms. Kayholm stopped, pulled left and struck the first of four innocent supporters.  By the time she had struck the third individual, people were banging on her 1996 Jeep trying to get it to stop, but she didn’t.

She continued on, striking a fourth person before almost hitting a fifth individual and appeared to run a stop sign.

A photo of the rear of her damaged Jeep, not done in this incident, is also included with this article as she appeared to strike all four innocent people with her passenger side rear view mirror.

Eddie Michels photo

Eddie Michels photo

The photo was immediately turned over to the Sheriffs Department, but the perpetrator was not questioned until the next day.

Now to sum up all this, it did not hurt the event to benefit those children in need, but and with a “BIG BUT,” the driver of the 96 Jeep got away “Scott Free.”

You see, according to the states attorney’s office, since she didn’t realize that she had hit anyone much less four people, they couldn’t prosecute her.  Even with people banging on her vehicle trying to get her to stop before she hit others, nothing could be done.

Not to worry for those attending the 2015 event, as precautions are already being put in place so that the innocent ones are not placed in harm’s way by the guilty.


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