George Bell Remembers Mel Queen

By on May 13, 2011

Mel Queen (right), who pass away because of cancer, talks last September 27 with Mel Didier (left) and Hall of Fame 2B Robbie Alomar at the Toronto Blue Jays minor league complex. Friday was a somber day throughout the Blue Jays organization. (Photo by EDDIE MICHELS/RSEN)

DUNEDIN, Fl. (RSEN)–Former American League MVP George Bell spoke Friday morning about the passing of Toronto Blue Jays special assistant Mel Queen.

     Bell, who is a guest instructor during extended spring in the Jays camp, was just asked about his thoughts and he let his thoughts flow.

     “I feel sorry that Mel passed away, you know it’s part of life, it’s too bad. The only thing is we lose a good man, a good baseball man an instructor a pretty good mentor for young kids. .A lot of people agree and

George Bell (photo by Eddie Michels)

disagree with him like me sometimes.  He really was a pitcher, he taught a lot of young guys in the 80’s all the way through the 90’s in the organization and I think you can see the products.  The (Todd) Stottlemyre’s, (Pat) Hentgen’s (David) Wells, (Roy) Halladay’s and (Chris) Carpenter’s, a lot of ball players.  Also infielders and outfielders when he was the farm director, we lost a good baseball man.”

     A converted outfielder to pitcher in the early 60’s with Cincinnati because his way was blocked the majors by Hall of Fame outfielder Frank Robinson Queen also had a hand with two Cy Young awards going to Roger Clemens in 1997 and 98 to go with Hentgen, Halladay and Carpenter.

     In closing it was somber today at the Cecil P. Englebert Complex in Dunedin where Mel tutored a lot of players to succeed.

NOTES: Mel’s father, also named Mel was a major league pitcher from 1942-52.  Mel is also the reason Roy Halladay became the pitcher he is today.  In 2001 when the right-hander was sent down to Class-A Dunedin to restart his career Mel Queen was there every step of the way including the 2003 Cy Young Award.

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