Is Star Wars the Best Summer Movie?

By on July 25, 2010

Is Star Wars the Best Summer Movie? When I think of summer movies, I think of the subject matter, not the time of year it came out. Recently did a contest on the best summer movie of all time.
Although it had 64 movies originally going for the top spot, it was based on release date. Heck, I can’t even tell you when most movies came out.
When it comes to summer movies, it is always the summer themes that come to mind. The movie that you can watch with a foot of snow on the ground and it has you pining for sweating your ass off.
Of the 64 original films in the contest, some I could see as summertime classics and there were some that I thought missed their mark. One that I love as a summer film is Jaws. The beaches and swimming and the like always says summer to me. One that missed its mark was Alien. There is no summer in space, enough said.

My top three summertime films are as follows:

Stand By Me, is a Rob Reiner directed masterpiece about some young friends searching for a dead body. The acting and writing is superb while the summer camping trip is a wonderful back drop for a great adventure and learning experience.

Caddy Shack is a movie that screams summertime. Whether it is the hero looking for a way to get to college or the others just looking to keep their summer jobs, it is still one of the funniest and most quotable movies ever.

The Cinematical finals came down to a Lucas vs. Lucas film. It was Raiders of the Lost Ark versus Star Wars for the best summer movie but I would like to offer up a third Lucas film for the top spot. American Graffiti was a classic. Chosen by the Library of Congress as a movie culturally significant and setting records as one of the most profitable movies of all times. The plot revolves around a single late August night in the early 1960s and has performances from Ron Howard as well as a young Richard Dreyfuss and a young Harrison Ford. This movie is a truly great film and screams summertime.
Now, I realize that relied on voting for their choices, but I am content to sit back during the cold of old man winter and pick my best summer films.

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