OTT RANTS! Michael Jordan, Ryan Tannehill, Trent Richardson and more!!!

By on May 1, 2012

Quick Rants

1. Michael Jordan fired Paul Silas, maybe if Michael wants to really improve his team he will fire himself. The problem lies with Michael

Charlotte Bobcats former head coach Paul Silas yells during a game in Cleveland. (photo by:US PRESSWIRE / David Richard

andnobody else, but people close to him are too afraid to tell him or he only surrounds himself with ‘YES MEN”. Either way it’s comical to me to see the great Michael Jordan fail year after year at judging talent and motivating his players. Michael Jordan may be one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA but his talent ends there. He really was a horrible baseball player, a horrible husband and a horrible golfer so watching him fail at owning a team is no surprise to me.

Michael would never be my friend because I would have told him to be a silent owner and keep his opinions on players to himself. Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison and Bismack Biyombo were all taken in the 1st round need I say more? Well I’m going to anyway. Brown was drafted over Pau Gasol, Tyson Chandler and Shane Battier, great job Michael! Adam Morrison was draft before J.J. Redick, Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo… again, GREAT JOB Michael. Bismack Biyombo was drafted before Jimmer Ferdette, Klay Thompson and Iman Shumpert. Do you get the point here?

It is clear 23 is in over his head, Larry Brown and Paul Silas are both very good coaches and they have been handed a turd of a team and asked to make it into a diamond. Well Michael let me let you in a little secret, as long as you are making the decisions for that organization, there will be no diamonds, or rings, or championship banners.

Miami Dolphins first round draft pick quarterback Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M) holds up a jersey next to his wife Lauren Ufer during a press conference at the Dolphins training facility. (US PRESSWIRE / Steve Mitchell)

2. Ryan Tannehill was the 8th pick in the draft, and all anybody wants to talk about is his wife that mugged the camera every chance she had, I smell a reality show in the future for the Tannehill duo. That is nothing but bad news for Dolphin fans, as we all know what happens when you mix money, reality T.V. and sports figures, if you don’t know please  look up Chad Ocho Cinco, T.O. and Lamar Odom. To be honest I don’t really care what color her dress was or how bleached her hair was, she took the attention away from her husband and didn’t have a second thought about it, is she would do that during the draft think about the attention she will demand day in and day out as a Football players wife. Also let me get this off my chest, Ryan Tannehill started 19 games as a Quarterback in college and he was able to land the 8th pick in the draft… can we say BUST? Really what do you expect? Some people (Todd McShay) think Tannehill will be the next Peyton Manning, others (ME) think he will be more like Tim Couch than Manning, but only time will tell just how bad he will be. With his wife stomping her foot and screaming for a close-up and the fans questioning his inability to read the defense, Ryan Tannehill may not make it 5 years in the league, he may have to pull a Kurt Cobain to find peace and happiness.

Cleveland Browns

3. Browns fans, my fellow Browns fans are never pleased, NEVER!!! For months I’ve heard and read how the Browns needed to draft Trent

Trent Richardson (photo courtesy of University of Alabama athletics)

Richardson and a Wide Receiver. Some fans also wanted a new Quarterback, the Browns went out and drafted the best running back in the draft, a Quarterback that can command his team and a deep threat wide receiver, yet the Browns seemed to have failed at this years draft. I would love to hear how the Browns failed, I really would. My take on it is simple, the Browns had a group of players they like and they would not let anybody take those guys. Richardson and Weeden both are instant starters and major improvements over the guys they are taking over for. Trent Richardson is a franchise player and I think Weeden is as well, how often can you say your team landed 2 franchise players? Put Weeden’s age out of the scenario for a minute, he is gonna be 29 so what!? Give me 5 or 6 great years and I’m happy, as a Browns fan we should be happy with 1 great year.

Another issue is who the Browns drafted in the 3rd Round, John Hughes, well I must admit this was a surprise to me as well until I stopped be a fan and looked at the game plan they were sticking to. The Browns wanted to add depth on defense, they wanted to add guys that can be specialists in specific scenarios and they didn’t want to let those guys go. Hughes plays nose tackle, defensive tackle and defensive end, he is a run stuffer and big powerful guy, depth is a very important thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. “But we need a Wide Receiver” cried the fans after the Browns took a starting Right Tackle and they screamed it when they took Hughes. Guess what they got a slot receiver with 4.35 speed, so maybe those same fans that cried can clog up their tear ducts for a moment and understand the Browns have had 3 very good drafts and to question what they have done is pointless, so you have 2 options, shut up and enjoy or find a new team.

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