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I’ve been gone for far too long, I’ve been sitting back and observing, keeping to myself but I guess no time is better than the present to let loose on a few issues I have.  A few quick rants to get the ball rolling never hurt anybody.

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The Lakers:

Holy Hell what a dismal season they had, I blame Jim Buss for the majority of it. He wanted Mike Brown and he wanted Mike D’Antoni, and the coaching carousel didn’t help the team find it’s synergy until it was too late. The team was hampered with injuries to the point that I think an evil curse was put over the team. Jordan Hill, Howard, Kobe, Blake, Nash, Gasol, Meeks, MWP and Jamison all had health issues this year. I would love to see the coaching staff fired, Jim Buss shut out of any decision making and for Jeanie Buss to take over the team. Since that won’t happen I am prepping myself to have a few years of heartbreak in LA-LA land. Heartbreak until Jeanie takes over; they hire Brian Shaw and go after Klay Thompson. That kid is special and I would like to personally thank Mark Jackson for teaching Klay the better points of defense, because when he comes to the Lakers he will be ready to light it up on both ends. So looking back, I’d like to give Jim Buss and Mike D’Antoni each a huge MIDDLE FINGER for what they did to my beloved Lakers.

The 2013 NFL DRAFT:

For all the people saying the Vikings had the best draft because they landed 3 picks in the 1st round…. Well you are all idiots. They have to pay 3 guys 1st rd pay, they hope that all 3 can be instant stars (which they are not) and if they do pan out they will have to work like crazy to keep them all there in a few years.

Geno Smith to the Jets is HILAROUS!!! Geno will end up being a bust, I’ve said it for 2 years and I’m sticking to it. I’m glad to see the Jets have ZERO idea how to draft QB’s. One would think that after the Sanchez mess they would have learned their lesson, obviously not.

Geno Smith’s completion percentage was done with smoke and mirrors. Most of his throws were just beyond the line of scrimmage. ie: In the Pin Stripe Bowl against Syracuse. (photo USA TODAY Sports Images/Brad Penner)

The Broncos got Monte Ball, how the other teams let that happen I’ll never know, you realize that he is a workhorse with a winners mentality right? You understand that putting him with Manning will be the best thing that ever happened to him right? You think it was hard to stop the run in Denver last year? Wait until this season.

Let’s make a deal! Wisconsin Badgers running back Monte Ball (28) carries the ball past Oregon Ducks linebacker Michael Clay (46) in the first quarter in the 2012 Rose Bowl game at the Rose Bowl. (photo by: US PRESSWIRE/Richard Mackson

The Bucs actually had the best if you put everything into context, they traded a 1st rd pick for Revis, they come back and draft another stud CB in the 2nd, a giant of a gunslinger in the 3rd. No matter what you think right now adding Revis is a better move than any of the guys in the draft at least for the 2-3 seasons.

My Browns… Mingo is freak that I hope pans out, if not it will just be par for the course as far as 1st rd picks are concerned.

The Cowboys… Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis. That’s all I have to say on that.

The NBA Playoffs:

I wonder how much the Thunder is missing Harden now that Westbrook is out. Granted they are still putting up a fight but KD is all they have and they if he cannot will his way to victory they will be out this round.

The Bulls need Rose to play, I guess he has shell shock and is worried he will blow out his ACL again or he just doesn’t have the drive to win. I can promise you this, if that were Kobe he would be playing.

I hate seeing the Heat win, with that being said I will stand firm on my prediction that they do not make it out of the East.

The Spurs are a resilient group… the Warriors should be up 2-0 and yet they are 1-1 and almost didn’t pull off the last win. It’s good practice for the younger guys on the Warriors (Thompson) so when he comes to the Lakers he already has some good playoff experience.

Lebrons 4 MVP:

It’s another undeserving award for James as far as I am concerned.  Kobe, KD and Mello should have been in the mix.

Coaching vacancies in the NBA:

The Pistons should hire Kurt Rambis

The 76ers should hire Jeff Van Gundy

The Nets should hire Jerry Sloan

The Suns should hire Stan Van Gundy

The Bobcats should hire…it doesn’t matter as long as Jordan is there they will be horrible!

The Bucks should hire Brian Shaw

Well folks I feel better, thanks for letting me vent.

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