Ravens on the Hook

By on March 2, 2013

Joe Flacco holds up “The Lombardi” (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)

$120.6 Million for Joe Flacco…. He is now the highest paid football player in the history of the NFL and I have only one thing to say to the Ravens…. SUCKERS!!!!! You are willing to pay that for him well congrats to the Ravens you just invested your future on a guy that will never win another Super Bowl, he will not win you an MVP in essence you just paid Trent Dilfer.  Flacco is from the same mold, he isn’t great, but he will not make the mistakes to put you in a losing situation.


Over the next 6 years I am willing to bet that the Flacco’s numbers will drop, he will incur an injury and the Ravens will miss the playoffs in 2 of the next 6 years. Enjoy that investment, enjoy the fact that you will have to revamp your defense since Ray “Killer” Lewis is gone, Suggs is a shell of what he used to be, and Ed Reed (if he even resigns)  is old and not nearly as dominate as he was. Your offense lost its Center in Matt Birk, Bryant McKinnie is a free agent and will be requesting a decent payday, so great job on putting your money on a QB that doesn’t make many mistakes.


Flacco will be working with a new Center, a new Tackle and possibly a new Full Back, so I can’t wait to see the disaster in Baltimore next season. I wonder how the rest of the team feels about getting paid less and being asked to do more? I wonder how the agents of the players are going to respond when the team says they don’t have the money to give them because it’s all wrapped up in the great Flacco contract. I know if I was a player or an agent and my contract was about to be up I would be worried, I would be looking at teams that will have the money to spend, because the Ravens will be in Salary Cap lock down for the next few years.


As a Browns fan I love the signing, I can sit back watch the Ravens fans have a bewildered look on their faces as the Bengals, Browns and Steelers pass them up over the next few years. With no money to spend, an overpaid QB, and an owner that seems to be so hyped on booger sugar that he will write checks to Trent Dilfer clones the future for the Ravens is not bright, not bright at all.


Maybe they should have spent the $120.6 million on a few players rather than just one; I doubt any other team in the NFL would have given Flacco that type of money…other than the Raiders. The Ravens should have let him test free agency and they could have saved themselves MILLIONS. Granted they need a QB but not for $120.6 million, that’s more than Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Peyton and Eli Manning. I would argue with anybody that thinks Flacco is a better bet than any of those guys; I would win that argument every single time.

$120.6 is absurd, it’s like trading your 1st overall pick in the draft for a kicker, and it just will not benefit your team in any way at all.  But look on the bright side, you have a QB for the next 6 season, never mind anything else, you have a QB that doesn’t make many mistake. Way to go!

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