The NFL Season Ends with this???

By on February 4, 2013

HOLDING!!! San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree is unable to catch a pass on fourth down against Baltimore Ravens free safety Ed Reed (20) in the fourth quarter in Super Bowl XLVII (photo:Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)


















I’m watching news coverage of a tour bus crash; it’s a twisted and gruesome sight, fatalities, an absolute scene carnage… that brings me to my thoughts on the Super Bowl. What can I say, the season is over, the next big event will be the combine and then the draft. Let’s take a break football fans, let’s rest our heads for a few months.

But for tonight, I will vent, I will rant and point fingers. Jim Harbaugh, you sir were outcoached in the 1st half, your special teams coach need to be punched in the throat for continuously kicking to Jacoby Jones, it didn’t always burn you, just when it really mattered most. David Akers, you need to pack it in and stop pretending you still have the boot. The 49ers Defense has the ability to man handle offenses, if you don’t count their defensive backs that is. The 49ers do not have even a half of the size as they do in their defensive backs.


Hey Jim, draft a DB or make a trade, like Beyonce so irritatingly sang, “Lemme UP grade U”… You have to find a beast in the backfield… damn man, you are brilliant in so many areas, please tell me you don’t see it? Anyway, find a guy, if you need some suggestions, I’ll be laying those out another time.

Joe Flacco is going to be an unrestricted free agent shortly and coming off of a Super Bowl win I’m willing to bet he is going to request a salary that will make Ozzie Newsome say “HMMMM??” Really think about it, Ray Ray is gone to make love to his White Suit, Ray Rice is slowing down, Ed Reed is pretty much done and for those reason I think the Ravens know they will not be repeating, with or without Flacco. Flacco may ask for the farm and only get a drop of the well if he isn’t careful.

Maybe the Ravens decide to let him walk? I doubt it but what I don’t doubt is he will not be anywhere near what he really thinks he is worth. Notice I said what he thinks he is worth, I am still not all that impressed, as I stated before the 49ers DB’s are WEAK so his passes where not all that great.

I’ve never had any feelings toward Dodge, but that commercial on “Farmers and God”, well that made, right then decide I would never own any of their products. Whoever was the “Brain Trust” behind it should be ashamed. Blahhhh!!!! That was the opposite of what a Super Bowl commercial should be, where were the boobs?

Ray Lewis, go away now… You’ve won another ring rather than losing a Parole hearing, YAY!!!! For you you!!!! Go preach and spray your followers with antler spray and your ever flowing tears!

Randy Moss caught a pass I think, he could have, at one point been the greatest of all time, problem is he didn’t have the right mindset his 1st few years, and by few I mean just about all of them. But if he is playing in the NFL next season I will let anybody smack me in the face.

Kate Upton!!!

Frank Gore still has it, but anybody could run behind that incredible offensive line. I would have liked to have seen more draw plays and stretch plays. I think had they 49ers done that early and had above average DB’s it would have much different in the 1st half. The Ravens Defense is old, they should have beaten them in the mouth early and smoke them on deep bombs and QB sneaks in the 2nd half. I would have loved to have seen LaMichael James have some plays like they use Sproles for the Saints, he is a lightning bolt and was misused in the end of the game.

Kaepernick… That kid gets the Ott tag as “Special” I don’t claim many players are “Special” but he rightfully deserves that title. Don’t worry 49ers fans; your future is better than most teams if not all teams. He is a young QB that has a little chip on his shoulder with an absolute sickening amount of talent. This is not his best, nowhere near his peak, this kid is going to break records, lots of records. Crabtree and Kaepernick together will give defensive coaches fits and be the cause of many to go unemployed.

No on the death and destruction I mentioned earlier. The game was tarnished by, I don’t want to say horrible officiating but it was inconsistent to a point real concern. On more than one occasion I was witness to this carnage, but I can say it only came out in the 10 minutes of the 4th quarter. I don’t know if that should bother me or not, I’m stuck here, like looking at bus crash, you just stare, not sure what to say or how to react, you just sit there. Ed Reed was clearly offside on the 2 point conversion, but the 49ers later were called for a play in which they hot the count just right and had a flag tossed.

The last offensive play for the 49ers where Kaepernick passed to Crabtree, well if that wasn’t holding I guess I should almost question everything I know about the sport. Oh that wasn’t the most upsetting, nope; the call that pushed me to walk away was the safety play at the end of the game. There was holding on that play as well, in the endzone keeping the 49ers from knocking the punter out of bounds right away. Remember this is a game where one play changes it all and had the Niners had a chance to pass the ball after the free kick you have to think the outcome could have certainly been different.

I’m off to see if they pull any bodies out of the twisted metal from the bus crash, I’m not going to think about the Super Bowl again, not tonight, not next week, this Super Bowl was like getting a massage without a happy ending.


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