Rick wants a Colby Rasmus Jersey

By on January 15, 2013

Colby Rasmus (left) hanging in the Dunedin spring with Jose Bautista (Eddie Michels photo)

The Jays  signed Colby Ramus yesterday to a one year contract worth US $4.675 million for 2013.


Rasmus only 26 years-old set career highs with 23 home runs and 75 RBI in his first full season in Toronto. Rasmus ranked 5th in RBI, and home runs, while ranking 6th in walks (46) among AL center-fielders. Over his four year career with St. Louis and Toronto has posted a .243 average with 76 home runs and 246 RBI.
Today on the show Rick Sassone branded the Toronto Blue Jays the dream team bust for 2013.  But Rick did joke about wanting a Colby Rasmus jersey.
If you do not recall,  the Angels were the prediction for 2012, The Philadelphia Eagles 2011 with the Miami Heat taking the 2010 honors.  “I think one of the best moves the Jays have made,” Rick said of the Rasmus signing.  “Really??? Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and R.A. Dickey… I do not see the excitement.  More of the regression to the mean.”
“With the Jays being bottom feeders in attendance in MLB with Metro Area of 5.583 million people, no post- season appearances since the Joe Carter World Series in 1993,  finishing below .500 10 times since then, and once in team history (1985) above .600… I don’t think the off-season hoopla will improve anything,” said Rick, “I needed to have some fun with it today on the show.  We have a great following in Ontario, the fans are great, they deserve another 1993.”
Listen to Rick’s fun rant from this afternoon’s show with Wendy the “Hockey Hottie”

Colby Rasmus (Eddie Michels photo)

Ricks 2013 Dream Team Bust

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