Who Is The MVP?

By on January 6, 2012


Drew Brees leads the Saints high powered offensive into the playoffs after his record setting season. (Image of Sport / PR Photos)

Picking the NFL’s most valuable player this season is like picking between Brazilian supermodels in a beauty contest: you really can’t go wrong whichever way you pick. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and even the Mannings have a

Aaron Rodgers last year in the playoffs in Atlanta (Rocket Sports & Entertainment file photo/Travis Failey)

legitimate argument to be made.

                It’s easy to make a case for Aaron Rodgers whose 45 TD to 6 interceptions are just as ridiculously good statistics as his Packer’s 15-1 record.

                There are people who will make the argument that after Matt Flynn’s big game against the Lions, Green Bay is nothing more than a system offense with great receivers; clearly these people have not watched any Aaron Rodgers film this year. It is one thing to throw touchdowns and have a completion percentage of 68.3%, but it’s another to do it throwing downfield most of the time and without a running game. Also, Rodgers led the NFL with a passer rating of 122.5, if you’re into those kinds of stats.

                “Tom Terrific”, or “The Real Tom Brady” as he’s known in Foxborough, had a very successful year. Not only did he and Gisele finish their castle of a home in California, but Brady finished with the best record in the AFC and broke Dan Marino’s record of passing yardage in a single season, even though he was the second to do so this season.

                Brady has always done more with less and this year was no exception. With two tight ends, an undersized receiver, a goofy wide-out whose name is proof he doesn’t comprehend Spanish grammar (85 is ochenta y cinco in Spanish) and the worst defense in the league, the Patriots are 13-3. As for a running game, his feature backs are BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead. His leading receiver: Rob Gronkowski, who is now the single-season receiving yardage leader for all tight-ends, all-time.

                Of course, you have to consider the honorable mentions for MVP. Eli Manning had a good year throwing for 4,933 yards, more than Aaron Rodgers, and 29 touchdowns. Eli also led the Giants to the playoffs with one of the worst Giants’ rushing years ever.

                Matt Stafford led the Lions to their first playoff berth since 1999. He also put up 5038 yards and 41 touchdowns. His only problem: Calvin “Megatron” Johnson carried his statistics with another machine-like season.

                The definition of an MVP is someone who means the most to his team’s success. Just look at the Colts with Peyton Manning- a continual Superbowl contender. The Colts without Peyton- in line for the number one pick. Enough said.

                However, my vote (if I had one) goes to the man who not only put the team on his arm this year, and every year since he’s been there, but also put the community squarely on his shoulders. The city of New Orleans, as well as the Saints fans, has Drew Brees to thank for the revival in excitement on the bayou.

                For the first 15 weeks of the season, Aaron Rodgers was my guy, but what Drew Brees did down the stretch combined with what he’s done all season and career long earned my vote. He’s not only a great quarterback, but a true gentleman of the game.

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