Logos of the Jays Minors

By on December 9, 2020

DUNEDIN, FLA.–It appears that when the Toronto Blue Jays finish moving into their new minor league complex in Dunedin there might be a change in their minor league affiliates.  This photo taken of the south outside wall of the Blue Jays former clubhouse which they occupied from 2003 until this past week shows the logos of their 2020 minor league affiliates.  Some might be caught in the MLB cut backs in the minor leagues.  The name of the complex was changed and dedicated to Bobby Mattick in a ceremony which took place at the complex in February 2003 which the City of Dunedin never approved.  In fact City of Dunedin officials were invited to the ceremony but were uninvited by Blue Jays officials the day prior to the event.   The City of Dunedin still recognizes the complex as the Cecil P. Englebert Recreational Complex named after the late mayor and city commissioner who brought the Toronto Blue Jays to Dunedin.  The new larger Blue Jays minor league complex also takes in the Englebert Complex along with the City of Dunedin resident own Vanech Recreational Complex which now no longer exists.  It’s unknown what the name of the enlarged site will be.  As a note, when the complex was finally completed in October 2003 the city held a dedication ceremony to Mr. Englebert, which he attended and was carried by the local and national media.

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