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By on December 27, 2018

Large trees are being trimmed on the Pinellas County property adjacent to the Vanech Recreational Complex and Garrison-Jones Elementary School to provide parking for the school. The need was because the City of Dunedin gave the remainder of the citizen owned Vanech Complex to the Toronto Blue Jays for the expansion of the Englebert Recreational Complex eliminating the school’s parking. There is not set date as of yet for the actual expansion of the new complex.


As it was reported here over two years ago the Toronto Blue Jays have yet to clean up the trash they have been  throwing over the fence at the Englebert Complex into the protected wetlands next to the Vanech Complex.  Even after reporting this and other violations to the City of Dunedin nothing has been done. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
A new walkway and car entrance way are being constructed off Garrison Rd. in Dunedin to allow parking for the Garrison-Jones Elementary School. Also the APG Electrical Contractors appear to be disconnecting the electric wiring to the lights at the Vanech Complex softball fields. When workers were ask what exactly they were doing they just walked away from the reporter. As a note the light tower they were working on had an Ospry Nest on its top as other towers at the complex do. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
It appears that will the possible construction to expand the Englebert Recreational Complex owned by the City of Dunedin the Toronto Blue Jays Florida Operations staff has neglected to make repairs. Field Three shown here along with Field Four to the east are actually part of the Louis A. Vanech Complex which the Blue Jays are trying to expand onto. After talking to two former mayors of Dunedin it has been learned that the Vanech Complex is actually owned by the tax payers/citizens of Dunedin, not the city. Residents of Dunedin I have talked to are not happy about losing their property. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
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