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By on May 14, 2019

The former Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse and offices were coming down on Saturday May 11, 2019.  The clubhouse was built when the Dunedin Stadium was rebuilt in 1990 with a capacity of 6106.  It became the visitors clubhouse in 2003 when a new clubhouse and offices were built down the first base line and capacity was lowered to 5509.  The cost of this project and the one at the Englebert/Vanech complex’s are costing the taxpayers of the  City of Dunedin, Pinellas County and the Toronto Blue Jays $81-million dollars.


The former Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse and offices at Dunedin Stadium at Grant Field is almost gone.  Outside of a couple of small corner sections on the west side there will soon be nothing left of the structor built in 1990.  At present the contractor is doing more deconstruction  to make way for the new 8,000 seat stadium that is schedualed to be ready for spring training 2020. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Speakers Being Removed at Dunedin Stadium (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
Florida Auto Exchange Stadium from a better vanished time (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

The light/osprey tower at Dunedin Stadium is finally down.  The tower appeared to be of no use since it was erected in 2002. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

On Thursday morning on Garrison Rd. in Dunedin this photo was taken of contractors taking down trees at the protected wetlands.  As one can notice in the photo there are still no permits showing for the work being done at the citizen owned Vanech Complex. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

The old Blue Jays offices and home team clubhouse are being gutted and its insides hauled away on Wednesday May 8th.  At present offers to purchase items of interest from the inside of the clubhouse like lockers including stadium seats have gone unanswered by the city or team. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
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