Oh Torn Canada (updated from 12-19-20)

By on December 23, 2020

It seems that once a photo and caption about damaged American and Canadian Flags appear in the press something is done.  These two empty flag poles on either side of the batters eye on field one at the Toronto Blue Jays new minor league complex are waiting for new flags.  The ones there up until yesterday December 22nd were literately torn and tattered.  Hopefully there will be properly disposed of per American and Canadian law.  As of this morning December 23rd no American or Canadian flags appeared flying at the complex or for that matter at TD Stadium either.

Original story from December 19th below:

Eddie Michels Photo

A visible sign on Sunday December 13th at the new Toronto Blue Jays minor league complex is the torn Canadian flag on the right-field side of the batters eye on the new limited use field one at the complex.  The limited use is because back in February this year a Pinellas County School Board employee was struck by a batted ball during batting practice.  Also the right field side of this practice field comes within just a few feet of the adjacent Garrison-Jones Elementary School playground, another hazard to the children.  It’s unknown if any other American or Canadian flags are flying over the complex.

This American Flag like its Canadian counter part flank the batters eye on Field One at the Toronto Blue Jays minor league complex in Dunedin, Fl.  Both are ripped and torn and in need of replacement.  These two flags are the only ones known to be flying at the complex as it’s being readied for the start of spring training in February 2021. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
When the bulk of the construction crews left the Toronto Blue Jays new minor league complex a few months back they left their break area behind.  The tables and chairs might be of use to someone but they are behind the complex’s security gate and not accessible to the general public.  Prior to construction this area was used for parking in the city residents owned park and the nearby elementary school along with having a children’s playground.  All of which are no longer usable. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
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