Anthopoulos roots for McGowan

By on March 27, 2012

(Eddie Michels photo)

DUNEDIN, Fla. –Toronto Blue Jays RHP Dustin McGowan (left) shakes hands with GM Alex Anthopoulos on Tuesday morning after signing a two year, four million contract.  McGowan, who spent over three years on the DL from 2008 thru 2011 with two shoulder/arm surgery’s and a knee surgery was a bit comical.  “I was thinking my name was how are you feeling,” said McGowan of his long rehab at the team’s minor league complex.  “Three years in the same place felt like it was Ground Hog Day (the movie).”  On the serious side McGowan said of his new contract, “It’s just something I don’t have to worry about, I can now focus on my pitching.”  McGowan had a bout with planter fasciitis (right foot) that shortened outing on Sunday and when ask how his foot was on Tuesday McGowan said, “It’s just a foot.”  Anthopoulos spoke positive of the signing, “You can’t help but root for him, our trainers and doctors said stick with him.”  McGowan expects to resume throwing in another day. (Photo by Eddie Michels)

The stay behind players on Tuesday with the night game against the Yanks enjoy a laugh before workouts at Grant Field. (Eddie Michels photo)

Dustin McGowan (foreground) and Alex Anthopoulos speak to the media. (Eddie Michels photo)

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