Frasor heading North

By on September 1, 2012
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CLEARWATER, Fla.– (Photo on the left)  RHP Jason Frasor (left) and Toronto Blue Jays rehab pitching coordinator Rick Langford (right) discuss pitching after

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Frasor had thrown long toss at Bright House Networks Field on Saturday September 1, 2012.

Frasor worked only one inning tonight, the 7th.  He struck out two Threshers and was credited with a hold and the Jays held on to win the game 3-1.

Frank Gailey was the Dunedin starter whom pitched the first six innings prior to Frasor’s appearance.  Gailey only allowed 4 hits and 1 earned run while striking out 12 Clearwater hitter.  Randy Boone closed the 9th to get the save.

Prior to the game Frasor said he will be returning to Toronto after this  his last rehab appearance.

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