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By on January 27, 2013

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BELLEAIR, BEACH, FLA.- Philadelphia Phillies Ryan Howard plans on spending more time in Clearwater just rehabbing and spring training.  Construction of Ryan’s 17,000 foot plus Clearwater crib is in full force.

Eddie Michels photo

Has the bay area become the MLB stars battle of the homes?  Ryan’s home will rival that of New York Yankees star Derek Jeter.  Jeter’s home, which received the certificate of occupancy in 2011 and is over 30,000 square.  The mansion is located on Davis Islands in downtown Tampa.

With a price tag of $23-million Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard’s new home on the beach is progressing.  Located between mile markers 18.5 and 19 on Gulf Boulevard that runs between Clearwater and St. Pete Beaches on the Gulf of Mexico was started last April and is expected to take three to three and a half years.

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The top photo is a view from the high tide line of  Howard’s beach front home. This  shows the size compared to a two story house on the left, typical of those in the area.  The 17,500 square foot Venice style structure is said will have a moat, bowling alley, and a river running from the swimming pool with bridges it.  The tax bill alone for the one-plus acre lot in 2011 is said to be $33,684.00.

Eddie Michels photo


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