Local Staffers get the Canadian Boot

By on April 2, 2021

DUNEDIN, FLA.–With major league baseball regular season games coming to Dunedin on April 8th when the Toronto Blue Jays host the California Angels reconstruction is being done on TD Ballpark to make it a bit like the Rogers Center.
     According to sources all local advertising is being removed and that from the Rogers Center is being put in place.      Now if that isn’t enough it has been learned that the local staff is being replaced by staff from Toronto except for the local grounds crew who will continue with the Canadian staff.     A good note for fans is that the attendance level has been increased to 25-hundred for the MLB regular season games in the 85-hundred capacity TD Ballpark.     During spring training 2021 games at TD Ballpark the Toronto Blue Jays never listed attendance figures on the game’s box scores or anywhere’s else for that matter.  It has been learned that each spring training game at TD Ballpark attracted around 1,000 fans to each game.

Blue Jays Players Lot at TD Ballpark Now a Construction Lot EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Constructor Workers Parking Across the Street from TD Ballpark EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
Contractors Even Parking Between TD Ballpark and Local Elementary School EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
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