Pearson Threw Heat before it all Stopped

By on March 21, 2020

On March 12th, RSEN’s Eddie Michels caught up Nate Pearson just before the world changed…


First Question-

With a 77 MPH change up and a 101 MPH fastball is there you are doing differently, is this what you are expecting.
“It’s something I have been looking forward to pitching for a long time for, just building a repertoire and I am having a pretty good run right now.”
Pearson went two innings allowing his first run of the spring on two hits, his first of the spring while walking one, also his first of the spring and striking out two.

Pearson brought the heat in the Florida sunshine. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO

Second Question-

With you being on the bubble and baseball starting to shut down are you thinking about what you are going to do?
“I am going to listen to what the organization says and what they advise us to do,” said Pearson, “Maybe shut down for a little bit, what ever it is we can handle it. We will be back as this isn’t going to shut them down to long. It’ll be nipped in the bud and they will shut down a lot of things right now but I think we are going to get back to it.”

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