Helmet Rules

By on January 18, 2023

No referee or player may be on the ice prior to a game or during a game in this country without a helmet according to the sport’s governing body USA Hockey.

     If one happens to lost ones helmet they must leave the ice immediately and not return without one.

     Well, this referee was adjusting his shield with the helmet off on the ice instead of correctly leaving the ice then removing the helmet to make the adjustments.  Against the rules ref.

      These are just some of the indiscretions that happen at either the CIA or TBSA rinks here in Pinellas County, Florida.  Gee I wonder who those in charge of these officials or their instructors are, something is definitely missing here.

Well fans we figure you might just want to see some of the things on the ice here in Florida that are not allowed elsewhere.

     You see this referee skating around with his hands in his pockets prior to a men’s game at the Clearwater Ice  Pro Rink, very unknowing of this official.
     On this date it was about 90 outside the rink and maybe 65 on the ice so why the unprofessional actions by this official.  Looks very unprofessional eh?
     Now let us move onto the other referee of this men’s game.

     And where did all this come from an official not allowed to do games at either rink or belong to the local association even though he was in the first USA Hockey Referees Training Seminar at the US Olympic Training Center at Lake Placid, N.Y.

     Then for 10-plus years he was the primary referees instructor in Upstate New York and Eastern Ontario, Canada because officials worked both sides of the border. 

     Now here in Florida he is blocked because he knows the rules and abides by them.

     You the players, coaches, parents and fans are the victims, enjoy eh?

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