JP Crawford On The Way Back

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DUNEDIN, Fla.—JP Crawford took a big step back from an oblique injury at the Phillies minor league camp in March.

The Phillies first round pick in the June 2013, 16th overall, went 3-4 with a double during his first  extended spring game against the Blue Jays on Saturday.

“It feels a lot better,” said Crawford, “I have been working everyday trying to get better, finally got to DH today and felt really good at the plate.”

As to his going 3-4, “I saw some really good pitches at the plate that I liked and I hit the ball good.”

The Phillies extended spring squad is off on Sunday with Monday being Crawford’s next possible  appearance.

“I have one more day of DH’ing on Monday,” said Crawford, “Then I am going to work more innings defense and offense later in the week.”

Originally penciled in to start the season at Upper-A Clearwater Crawford would only say he wasn’t sure when he would start the season.

Crawford singles (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Crawford singles (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

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