McGowan 5 Day Rotation, Drew Hutchinson on the Hill

By on February 28, 2012

Eddie Michels photo

DUNEDIN, Fla.–Dustin McGowan, (left) who spent over three years on the DL appears to be on his healthy way back if Tuesday is any indication. Two arm/shoulder operations and a knee surgery has side lined the righty but threw with ease and velocity in his first spring appearance. “He (McGowan) will throw again in three days then going on a five day rotation,” said manager John Farrell.

Fans wait outside the players entrance (below) at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium on Tuesday to get a chance for an autograph of a

Eddie Michels photo

Toronto Blue Jay as they leave the park.

The fencing, that has been erected in the area for the first time is for safety reason according to a club official but there are other reasons.
Fans waiting to get autographs have become a bit aggressive over the years including but not limited to, stepping in front of players cars and throwing baseballs under them.  Then if a player doesn’t sign the fans run off at the mouth, and I am being polite on that point.
Therefore fans if you particular player doesn’t sign he could be working or is just sick and tired of all the autograph hounds there for the resale items.

#69 RHP Drew Hutchinson. Hutchinson was drafted in the 15th round in 2009 by the Jays out of Lakeland High School (Lakeland Florida) finished 2011 in AA New Hampshire. There he was 3-0 in 3 starts with a 1.20 ERA striking out 21. (Eddie Michels photo)

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