Phoenix, N.Y. Memorial Day Parade Notes

By on May 28, 2022
Photo taken 5-15-1969 in Long Bien Vietnam of me. Ten days later May 25th 1969 I was discharged in Oakland, Ca. and arrived home in Phoenix, N.Y. May 27, 1969. after eight months in Korea and 19 months in Vietnam. (EDDIE MICHELS FILE PHOTO)


Well since I am not being allowed to announce this year’s Memorial Day Parade in Phoenix for the fifth year in a row by the VFW here are a couple of items you-all just might be interested in.

     Based on either January 9th or February 9th 1837 depending on the source a birth took place on the Oswego extension of the Eire Canal in Schroeppel, New York, this year 2022 will be the 185th anniversary of his birth.

     The birth on a canal boat was that of one William Halstead who later grew up near Albany but more importantly on August 5, 1864 played a decisive role during the Battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War.

     For his actions on that day Halstead, a navy coxswain, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

     An item left out of the Village of Phoenix and Town of Schroeppel history books.  It now needs to be brought to light just check out William Halstead on Wikipedia.  It’s interesting what we have missed.

      Now the above coupled with coming next year the Village of Phoenix’s 175th anniversary of incorporation in 1848 you do have a thing or two to celebrate.

     Enjoy all maybe next year I will be back on the mike for the parade.

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