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By on January 12, 2012

WILD CARD! Tim Tebow carries the ball and the Broncos for an overtime victory over the Steelers in the 2011 AFC wild card playoff game (photo by USPresswire/Ron Chenoy)

I wrote a story in August of 2010 about how Tim Tebow would be the face of the Broncos and possibly the NFL; I also mentioned he just wins. Granted his mechanics are not what scouts or coaches would call textbook, or even mediocre, but he has this little thing called “A WILL TO WIN” and sometimes that will to win is good enough and it’s obviously rubbed off on his teammates as well. I’m pretty tired of hearing people like Stephen A. Smith and Kordell Stewart saying Tim Tebow can’t throw. Well last time I checked, Stephen A. Smith has never played a single snap as a Quarterback in the NFL, so for him to say any quarterback in the NFL can’t throw is like saying a doctor can’t practice medicine. Playing quarterback is what Tim Tebow has done since he was a kid and by now I’m sure he is used to hearing the naysayers.

Can Tim Tebow throw? He sure can. Does Tebow throw the same way a normal pocket QB does? Nope, and he never will. It’s not his style; he is an option QB built like a linebacker and runs like a fullback. He is left handed and loves to lower his shoulder and blast through the line of scrimmage. He tends to play to the level of his opponents, and has knack for amazing, jaw dropping plays that ends games. Will Tim Tebow ever lead the league in completion percentage? Nope, but he doesn’t need to. He needs to play mistake free football by not turning the ball over, but he also needs to be able to run his style of football. He is best in the shotgun with wide receivers that can block and ad lib routes to break open. He needs a running back that can block and pick up screens well, and he needs a defense that is able to keep them in the game. With Denver he has the defense, and at time his receivers do what is needed but he still doesn’t have a true #1 go to guy. McGahee has shown flashes of his old self, but they need help there as well. His receiving core is, at best a solid group of 3rd string guys that ended up being put on the field at one time. With the right players around him I think Tebow could really shine in Denver, the fans love him and they look at the bottom line, Win vs. Loss while putting everything else aside. Get us WINS! That’s really all anybody should care about.

Stephen A. Smith sits on ESPN and spits out his opinion in such a manner I find it at times hard to watch without putting it on mute, but I stomach through it knowing it’s all an act from him. Although his act is getting old, for some reason ESPN continues to let him on the air and scream and hoot and holler. Smith says it is “disrespectful” to call Tim Tebow an NFL quarterback, and it is “Absurd” that Tim Tebow has a job in the NFL. Why? Why is so hard to understand that he plays his heart out and motivates those around him, like every athlete needs at times. He embraces the role of leader on the field and student off the field. He proves hard work pays off. So why is it so “Absurd”? He has a better winning record than Cam Newton, yet Stephen praises Cam. Why is it so “Disrespectful” that he took over a team with a losing record and has motivated and willed and clutch played them into the playoffs? Why Stephen?

Kordell Stewart has been one of the most vocal ex-players on this topic. I see him on T.V. saying Tebow just can’t throw and there is nothing Tebow can do to make him change his mind. I think it’s more based on jealousy than anything else. Kordell was a running QB that had to play out of position until he could compete for the starting slot at Quarterback. He wasn’t great but he did show the world that a he has evolved the position. Much like Randall Cunningham and even Steve Young before him, Kordell did not play the position the way it was taught, they improvised and revolutionized the sport. Kordell, on a daily basis has said “it’s not fair”, and “I had to play other position first”, to me that sounds more like a jealous kid than a retired athlete and present sports analyst and commentator. Kordell should look back and be proud he opened the doors for the mobile style running quarterback in the NFL.

Now stats don’t always tell the entire story but I’m going based off what I hear and see on T.V and the internet and the most common line is “Tebow can’t throw”, well I say he can and I say he can win a lot of games. I also say this, based off of what he has done for his team compared to what Kordell did for his team; I’ll take Tebow every Sunday over Kordell. My thoughts on this run deep, I’m not a Denver fan, I’m not on the Tebow Bandwagon, but I will give credit where it’s due and this kid goes out there and plays at such a competitive level that it can’t be overlooked. Ex-players such as Kordell really show their true colors when they sit on national television and put a guy down that has done nothing but win, non-players like Stephen A. Smith show their lack of knowledge when they do the same. How about be glad there is a kid like Tebow in the league, he is a good wholesome guy that loves the sport, loves the competition and despite what so many are saying about him he can succeed in a profession that so little have chance to be a part and even less have the chance to be called a game-changer, and he is truly a game-changer.

Here are some stats of other Quarterbacks in their 1st playoff game:

       CMP ATT YDS TD Int
John Elway   10 15 123 0 1
Peyton Manning   19 42 227 0 0
Tom Brady  32 52 312 0 1
Michael Vick  13 25 117 1 0
Vince Young  16 29 138 0 1
Kordell Stewart  14 31 134 0 1
Tim Tebow  10 21 316 2 0

If I had team, or was the GM or coach for a team, I would just enjoy the ride, the kid wins, and he has the world buzzing. Did John Elway really think he had a Super Bowl caliber team on his hands? No, he wanted to field a team that gave the city hope and was still in the position to have a great draft. He may still feel the weakness of the team is Tim Tebow, but he shouldn’t, he should run out and grab some huge playmakers, because he has the gasoline in Tebow for an absolute Fire Storm of unpredictability on offense, they just need something to ignite it. But then again, according to Kordell and Stephen he just can’t throw and he shouldn’t have a job in the NFL. You make the call as a fan of football. I’ve made mine and I think I love watching the games he is in, not to see text book football but to see the how hard work pays off.

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