The TD Ballpark ZZZZZZ Gate

By on April 30, 2021

This Toronto Blue Jays security guard at the visiting team gate at TD Ballpark is getting his 40 winks in at 10:30 AM before the game tonight vs the Braves at 7:07 PM.  In the past the guards at this gate on Beltrees and the Blue Jays gate on Douglas Ave. have been seen playing and texting with their cell phones.  It’s a wonder who is paying their salary eh?

When this was reported to Sheriffs in the area they took no action as it was just prior to the Nationals/Blue Jays game at TD Ballpark (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
Blue Jays Security Pushed to Curb to Have A Smoke Before Game on April 27th. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
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