It’s in the Bag

By on May 19, 2021

Jake Hudgeons of Bradenton, Florida got to TD Ballpark early on Sunday for the Phillies, Blue Jays game to catch a bit of batting practice but was blocked by Blue Jays security from entering.  Carrying this pictured small bag/back  pack he was blocked from entering the stadium.  “There was no place on line that said I couldn’t bring this in,” said Hudgeons after returning it to his car parked just across the street at the local VFW Post 2550.  “If I catch you putting anything into the bag and putting it on your back to enter I will kick you right out of here,” said the Blue Jays security guard.  Hudgeons appeared to have no problem finally entering TD Ballpark without a bag which according to the Blue Jays web site can be no more than 7x4x2.

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